Basic Annual
$695 / 1 Auditor
Advanced Annual
$1249 / 3 Auditors
Quarterly Recurring
Lower monthly price
What’s included (Base pricing only includes up to 3 servers)
Define and discuss current issues and
create a comprehensive acton plan.
Evaluate and document Server(s),
Applications, and security requirements.
Secure/Separate Management Access
(VPN, Source IP Lockdown)
Disable unnecessary services on your
Application/Database server(s)
Lock Down Public IP(s) ports on the WAN
Evaluate/Secure Layer7 (SSL/TLS)
(Protocol and Ciphers Best practices)
Verify current Antivirus installation and
version (EICAR TEST)
Disaster Recovery/Backup checks with
restore verification
Code and Application inspection for
performance and vulnerability issues
Web App inspection for performance, and
vulnerabilities. Updates & Patches
Evaluate OS resource usage and System
logs for issues. Updates & Patches
Penetration Testing, vulnerability Scanning,
SQL injection scanning.
Port scanning and intrusion testing
Cross site scripting Vulnerability testing
PDF Report of Penetration scans

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Hey, having questions while choosing a plan is normal. We are always here to help you.

What is an IT security audit?

A security audit is the highest level assessment of the whole company's security posture. Depending on the level of audit, you can:

- evaluate requirements of the servers, applications, and security;
- secure management access such as VPN, source IP lockdown;
- disable unnecessary services on the application or database servers;
- lockdown the public IP(s) ports on the WAN edge;
- evaluate and secure the Layer7 (SSL/TLS);
- verify the current antivirus installation and version (EICAR TEST);
- check the Disaster recovery/backups with restore verification;
- inspect the code and applications for performance and vulnerability issues;
- inspect the web App for performance and vulnerabilities (updates & patches);
- evaluate OS resource usage and System logs for various issues (updates & patches);
- do penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, as well as SQL injection scanning;
- do the port scanning and intrusion testing;
- test the cross-site scripting vulnerability;
- get a PDF report of penetration scans.

Feel free to choose the most appropriate actions of the security audit or take it all by purchasing Advanced Annual or Recurring Quarterly packages.

Does the Hostens team execute the security audit?

By being a part of the leading companies in the Scandinavian region and Lithuania Miss Group and Interneto vizija, Hostens collaborates with the company named Hostek. Hostek has extensive experience in conducting security audits, so they are the ones who can help in the matter the best.

What does audit involve?

There are three packages you can choose from: Basic Annual, Advanced Annual, and Quarterly Recurring. All the packages contain different services that you can check on the table above.

How can I choose the most suitable option for me?

The easiest way to choose the most suitable option for you would be a consultation. Don't hesitate to schedule your free security audit consultation! Most of our customers get a consultation within a few days! If you’d like to speak with a representative about which plan is right for you, feel free to do it.

Do you offer money-back guarantee?

This service is really adopted regarding your specific needs, so there is no money-back option.