Why do I need WHOIS protection?

Sadly, but not everyone on the Internet is friendly as our Hamster is. WHOIS privacy reduces the risk of losing your identity to those who have malicious intent. WHOIS protection removes your private information from public view and keeps your contact info private.

If you just have any questions regarding WHOIS privacy, don’t hesitate to contact Hamster, our expert of the online security.

Why use whois protection?

Hey, having questions while choosing a service is normal. We are always here to help you.

How to order whois protection?

You will be able to order it either during domain order/transfer or later on in client area.

Will I still be able to receive emails through whois email?

Yes, whois protection replaces your email address with a unique WhoisGuard email address. Your "[email protected]" email address will receive your emails, filter them for spam and then forwards it to your email address.

Can I order only whois protection?

No, whois protection can only be used on domains registered or transferred to Hostens.

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