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Hostens is a division of the Lithuanian company “Interneto Vizija” which was founded in 2003 and quickly grew into an international enterprise providing service to more than 100,000 clients across Europe. In 2005, the company become the largest web hosting provider in Lithuania. In 2016, the company established its division named Hostens that offers a broad range of web hosting services: shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPN, domain registration, etc. Today Hostens is a rapidly growing division with customers around the globe and featured by HostAdvice, TrustPilot, MyHostNews, FindMyHost, The Merkle and TG Daily.

As part of its expansion into the global market, Hostens is looking to acquire new web hosting businesses. If you are looking to sell your web hosting company, we would love to hear from you and calculate your business’s value.

We will consider purchasing a company meeting all of the following criteria:

– Company based in Europe, Asia or the USA

– Yearly Revenue is up to 100K EUR

– Shared hosting is the most significant part of accounts

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What's next?

When we acquire a hosting company, we make sure we work closely with the seller in order to make the transfer as smooth as possible. Our goal is to welcome on board positive and responsible clients. The Hostens team promises you to deal with your clients and manage the money, time, and energy you have invested in the best way possible. We have a technology-minded, highly efficient 24/7 support team. Moreover, we make use of the strong technical background of “Interneto Vizija” with a geographically convenient data center located in Vilnius, Lithuania (the geographic midpoint of Europe). Our data center is built and maintained according to TIER III international standard. The data center’s infrastructure is:

  • 2 independent 2 MW power inlets
  • 3 x 664 kW diesel generators
  • 4 x 275 kW uninterruptible power supplies
  • 6 x 146 kW “free cooling” cooling system
  • 2 independent optical communication inputs
  • 140 server racks
  • Redundant power and internet connection for each rack
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