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Hey, having questions while choosing a plan is normal. We are always here to help you.

What is a domain name?

A domain name (in other words, the name of a site) is a specific letter sequence denoting the name of a site or used in the names of mailboxes. It may contain numbers and hyphens.

What is an IP address?

Basically, it’s a unique code of numbers used to identify any computer or server on the internet. In other words, it’s a protocol used to communicate within a network.

What is a URL?

To put it simply, it’s an address on the internet that allows you to find the website you need. Websites are under the IP address of the server where those websites are hosted. For an easier use most of them are under domain names.

What is name server (DNS)?

Name server is a domain name service that allows you to convert symbolic domain names ( to IP addresses of the server where the websites are hosted.

Our name servers are: ( (

Why should I register a domain name?

It is impossible to purchase a domain as a full property. All names in all zones are available for rent for a selected period. When the rental period is over, the domain will become available for registration once again, and access to the site will be closed.

Within a month (it can be any period of time from two weeks to 80 days, it depends on the domain name) after the expiration of the domain, no one except the previous owner can register it. This period is called quarantine. However, once this period is over, the domain name is available again for public registration. So, it is important to renew your domain name registration when the time comes.

You can prevent domain loss by prolonging its registration for the next year in the client area in advance.

After the payment, my domain’s status is "Pending."

Basically, it means that some of the contact details are missing. Please recheck your account details in the client area:
If all the personal information is correct, please submit a ticket and our support team will assist you.

Will my domain be renewed automatically?

After registering a domain, please choose the default option "Auto Renew." This way you will be sure you will receive email notifications before the domain’s expiration, and payment will be made in time.
Note: We do not save any payment details, nor credit card details. This is why the periodical payment should be made manually, or you can set up an automatic payment on the selected gateway platform.

What does “ClientHold” status mean?

"ClientHold" status means that you need to approve your contact details. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) periodically sends a confirmation email that you need to accept if your contact details are correct. Otherwise, please update your contact information and confirm it with an email within 15 days. Please see more details here:

Can I change the domain`s WHOIS information?

Yes, you can change the domain name information. Please see more information at our knowledge base:

How can I pay for domain registration?

You can pay via PayPal, Paysera, Webmoney, Alipay, Tenpay, UnionPay, Doku, OneCard and Boleto payment gateways. We also accept credit cards payments, international payments, and crypto currencies.

Can I get a free domain?

Yes, you can select one of the free domains: .WEBSITE, .ONLINE, .STORE, .SITE, .TECH. Renewal cost depends on the selected domain.
The second option is to get a free subdomain TRIAL.ROCKS. For example, my This subdomain will always be free of charge, with no renewal fee.
These offers only become available when purchasing a web hosting (shared hosting) plan with an annual billing cycle.

Can I change the domain name?

You cannot change an already registered domain. In case the registered domain name does not meet your requirements, it is required to re-register a new domain with the selected name. A domain with one different sign is an entirely new domain.

How to add or change DNS record (A, CNAME, MX, SPF, SRV, etc.)?

You can manage your domain and create new records in DND manager that Hostens offers free of charge. Please take a look at how to use it:

Can I register a domain without purchasing hosting services?

You can register a domain without hosting the site on our servers. In case you need hosting later, you can always choose Hostens’ services and host the website.

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