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White label reseller hosting plans & packages

All that you need: clear deals, no hidden conditions, quality service, and proactive support


$8.00 -50% OFF

$4.00per month
  • 20 GB disk space
  • 2 TB bandwidth
  • 10 accounts
  • 100 websites
  • 100 databases
  • 1000 email accounts
  • cPanel & WHM
  • PHP, Ruby, Python, NodeJS
  • Free website builder
  • Daily/Weekly backups
  • EU, USA, ASIA location
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$16.00 -50% OFF

$8.00per month
  • 40 GB disk space
  • 4 TB bandwidth
  • 20 accounts
  • 200 websites
  • 200 databases
  • 2000 email accounts
  • cPanel & WHM
  • PHP, Ruby, Python, NodeJS
  • Free website builder
  • Daily/Weekly backups
  • EU, USA, ASIA location


$32.00 -50% OFF

$16.00per month
  • 60 GB disk space
  • 8 TB bandwidth
  • 40 accounts
  • 400 websites
  • 400 databases
  • 4000 email accounts
  • cPanel & WHM
  • PHP, Ruby, Python, NodeJS
  • Free website builder
  • Daily/Weekly backups
  • EU, USA, ASIA location

VAT will not be added for non-EU customers nor for EU companies with a provided VAT number. VAT is based on the member state VAT rate of the customer’s location.

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Why choose our reseller hosting?

White label reseller hosting isolates one site from another one, so it’s easier to manage different sites, especially if the different scripts or CMSes are used. It allows to avoid issues, which might be occurred if critical security bugs were discovered in one website – it won’t affect other websites.

You, as a reseller, will be able to freely choose how to manage your resources – we do not limit how many users are created or how your disk space is shared among it.


Handy features of reseller hosting

Control panelcPanel, CloudLinux
Free SSL CertificateLet’s Encrypt
PHP versions5.6, 7.2, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1
PHP execution time300 s (5 min)
All PHP settingshttps://php5.eu.cpanel.serverhost.name/PHP/
DatabaseMariaDB 10 (MySQL 5.6)
Database size limit512 MB
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How it works

Step 1

Order reseller package

Step 2

Create reseller packages

Step 3

Create users and upload their websites!

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Hey, having questions while choosing a plan is normal. We are always here to help you.

What is white label reseller hosting?

White label reseller hosting is a form of cooperation when one hosting provider rents a hard drive space and bandwidth to another company (another web hosting provider) while that company sub-rents the space to third parties (its clients). For example, if you are a small web hosting provider you can purchase web hosting resources from a bigger player in the market in order to re-sell it at a healthy profit.
If you, as a small web hosting company, freelancer, web developer, etc., have purchased reseller hosting, you’re allowed to host multiple clients and manage their orders. The reseller simply gives you permission to sell a certain amount of resources to your clients.

When do I need white label reseller hosting?

White label reseller hosting is a perfect solution for freelancers or agencies (individuals or companies) offering various web design, web development, system integration, creative or other kind of business services. If you’re working in such industries, reseller hosting may be the only way to successfully manage your projects. Also, if you’re thinking about additional ways of earning money or even starting your own web hosting business, reseller hosting is a proper start. With Hostens reseller hosting plans you can become your own hosting company without having a data center.

How can I profit from reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting a great way to build an additional recurring profit stream for your business. Moreover, in order to start reselling web hosting, you don’t need to experience any upfront costs investing in expensive infrastructure, such as data center venue, servers, certificates, and software licenses. Moreover, you can set the prices of web hosting services by yourself.
You can always start with a small package, find a few clients and later upgrade it if you need more resources. An average small website takes about 500 MB of disk space, so you earn approximately a dollar from a client for hosting their website while the full package you bought costs around 5-10 dollars per month. Basically, you need just a few clients in order to gain profit from Reseller hosting.

Why should I use Hostens reseller hosting?

There’re many reasons to start reselling with Hostens. First of all, if you purchase the Hostens Reseller hosting package, you don’t need to manage, upgrade or configure servers by yourself. We will take care of all this boring technical stuff.
Furthermore, you will be able to create your own custom web hosting packages according the needs of your clients. Also, the whole hosting package can be visualized under your brand.
Finally, your clients will be able to freely use cPanel control panel in order to manage the main functions of their web hosting services.

How should I start?

There are two ways to start.
The first one is the best if you’re just starting your web hosting business. In this case, we recommend that you purchase the smallest Reseller hosting package. Later on, when you need more resources, your web hosting package can be upgraded easily.
If you already have a number of clients, our tip for you is to be careful regarding your purchased resources. All of them, including disk space, available bandwidth, and so on should definitely be taken into account. Don’t purchase too small a package at the expense of customer welfare.

Can I contact Hostens regarding white label reseller hosting issues?

All issues related to your white label reseller hosting packages will definitely be solved by our customer support team.
However, please keep in mind that you will be committed to your direct clients to provide the 1st line support. It means all the inquiries from your clients should be solved and answered by you as their web hosting provider.

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