World trusted certificates from our Hamster hands


Starting at$9.99per year
  • Comodo Positive SSL
  • Comodo Positive SSL SAN
  • Comodo Positive SSL Wildcard
  • Express issuance
  • Only domain validation
  • $10,000 warranty


Starting at$99.99per year
  • GeoTrust True BusinessID
  • GeoTrust True BusinessID SAN
  • GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard
  • 1-3 days validation
  • Business validation
  • $1,250,000 warranty


Starting at$169.99per year
  • GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV
  • GeoTrust True BusinessID SAN with EV
  • 1-10 days validation
  • Extended validation
  • Green address bar
  • $1,500,000 warranty

VAT will be added to EU customers based on the member state VAT rate where the customer is located unless a valid VAT number is provided

Why do I need an SSL certificate?

SSL (Secure Socket Layers) primarily aims to provide privacy and data integrity between the visitor and your website; between the customer and your e-commerce market; between you and your server.

As Hamster likes to say “Thanks the Lord of the Hamsters!”, today more and more online users think about online security as well as the protection of their sensitive and private information submitted on websites. SSL is essential for protecting your website in order to make the information unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to.

If you just have any questions regarding SSL certificate, don’t hesitate to contact Hamster, our expert of the online security.

Features of our SSL certificates

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Hey, having questions while choosing a service is normal. We are always here to help you.

How to install SSL certificate?

If you are using one of our Shared or Reseller hosting packages we will install SSL Certificate for you.

Can I buy only SSL Certificate from you?

Yes. You are able to buy only SSL Certificate. After successful issuance you will be able to download Certificate through our Client area.

Is SSL issuance process automated?

Yes, we are using automated issuance process. You will have to submit your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and validation process will begin.

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