15 Best Web Developer Jokes to Check It Out

Happy developer
June 11, 2018

From time to time, web developers get into situations that are repeating and makes them laugh. Solving difficult situations, working with colleagues or new projects creates instances that are great to laugh at.
In this article, we have collected the best 15 jokes about web development. Hope you like it!

1. When you are not in the mood to fix the bug today, just inform the users to not use the function for now:

Renaming Replay Crash. Players are experiencing a crash when renaming replays. Avoid doing this for now.

2. A true programmer does not comment his code. If it was hard to write the code, it should be hard to read.

True Programmers don't comment their code. If it was hard to write then it should be hard to read.

3. How to warm up different things:

Warm up your PC with JAVA

4. Trying to choose a meaningful variable name:

Trying to choose meaningful variable names

5. Encountered an error? Here is the solution to all of them:

Solution to all of errors, just close the window.

6. For those, who create websites and disable the right mouse clicks:

Disabling right clicks on your website

7. How to learn to code in a single night:

Learning to code in a single night

8. An easy way to spot a serial killer:

Spotting a serial killer

9. While the issue is not solved, try the workaround:


10. I will create a custom version!

Creating custom version

11. How to receive help on Linux forums in a nutshell:

Tip how to receive help on Linux forum

12. Running low on storage space? Try this out!

Solution when running low on storage

13. Drug dealer or Software programmer?

Similarities between drug dealer and software programmer

14. Looking at your old code:

Only you and God knows what the code means

15. The real web developers, fix what is bugged:

The real web developer jokes

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