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We are pleased to inform you that HostAdvice has shown us their appreciation and recognition for our level of service based on customer satisfaction and trust.

HostAdvice helps people to find a web hosting solution for their website. They compare the best web hosting providers based on expert opinions and direct customer feedback. HostAdvice gives us these badges based on an analysis of our services and customer feedback they share in the forum.

In 2023 we were included in HostAdvice’s list of Top 10 VPS Hosting providers and Top 25 WordPress hosting providers (based on user reviews).

HostAdvice Over 99% UptimeHostAdvice TOP 10 Windows HostingHostAdvice TOP 10 Cheap Hosting

In 2022 HostAdvice has included us in the list of 10 best Windows hosting providers, the 10 cheapest hosting providers, and hosting providers with over 99% uptime.

HostAdvice Best Value For Money HostAdvice Editors' Choice
HostAdvice Top 10 Most Recommended Hosting

Also, HostAdvice appreciates us for the best value for money, we are also the editor’s choice and the most recommended hosting provider in 2022.

HostAdvice TOP 10 Shared Hosting

In 2021 we received the Top 10 shared hosting reward from HostAdvice. Top 10 Shared Hosting 2021 is given to web hosting companies listed in the Top 10 category of best shared hosting providers. HostAdvice analyzes a number of medium and large web hosting companies each year and selects the best ones: this is another great accomplishment for Hostens. 

Best VPS Hosting for February 2020

FindBestHosts helps you find the most reliable and stable hosting provider. They rate the best ones in the hosting industry. Also, they use in-depth analysis that delves into the company’s business practices and compares them to industry standards to ensure you can choose from the best.

HostingAdvice Developers' Choice Award for Hostens

HostingAdvice is a leader in web hosting tips, guides, and reviews. They have awarded Hostens with their Developers’ Choice Award.

Hosting provider Hostens received the FindMyHost award for validated host testing. FindMyHost has also listed Hostens as an approved hosting company. Their goal is to ensure that users only get the best out of it, and they only approve those hosts that meet their stringent requirements.


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