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8 Reasons to Purchase Reseller Hosting from Hostens

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December 23, 2022
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

Reseller hosting services are among the most popular ways to earn extra funds online nowadays. With this easy-to-earn opportunity on the Internet with little investment, which has been popular around the globe for at least 2 decades, you could start your own hosting business, which you could subsequently convert into your own web hosting company. Also, thus you could improve the services and the overall efficient performance of your already existing hosting company. And you could do this by white labeling the hosting services of another provider that has more resources to satisfy some of your clients’ necessities and caprices.  

In this blog article, we have put together a few main reasons why you should choose to start your web hosting business with reseller hosting and why Hostens is among the best possible hosting companies from which you could buy an efficient and profitable reseller hosting package. 

Reason #1: White-labeling is a well-established marketing practice 

You probably wonder what white-label web hosting is. Actually, it is a very common and well-proven marketing practice used by many industries around the globe, especially in the production of electronics, groceries, clothes, etc. The term “white label” originates from the white labels of products for sale in the commercial network that could be filled in with the marketer’s own brand name. The term is mostly used for mass-produced commodities and merchandise, including software products and services.  

Do you guess about the strange and unknown brands of cheeses, confectionery, and bottles of mineral water that some hypermarkets and supermarkets sell? Yes, that’s exactly what white labeling is. The chain has paid a manufacturer to produce high-quality goods for its own brands because it does not have the logistics and all the other necessary resources to produce on its own.  

Likewise, when a second hosting provider rebrands a hosting product or service provided by another hosting company to make it seem like they produced or cover it, this product or service is called a “white-label” one. In this specific case, it is called white-label hosting.   

Do not think that this is a rare business practice that could make your clients distrust you. It is, actually, just the opposite, and it is a widely used practice that guarantees quality, better control, and good service. Мany companies prefer to work precisely with white-label products and services because they know that the quality that another similar, niche-related company can put in is better than what they could currently do themselves. In other words, someone else provides the products, and you are the one who takes the fame and the credit. Yes, it might sound pretty amazing, but it is the real truth.   

Reason #2: Low initial investment 

You do not need to rent an office or server premises to start a reseller hosting business initiative. The only thing you need to do is buy a reseller hosting package and create your company’s online marketing presence. 

Reselling Hostens white label reseller hosting products and services would literally cost you no more than what you would pay for a Greek yogurt at your local supermarket if you chose their R10 plan for 3 years. And if you choose their R40 reseller hosting plan for 3 years, then your investment will cost you no more than a small daily shopping at your cozy neighborhood’s grocery store.  

Of course, besides the price of the reseller web hosting plan, you will also have to invest a few funds into creating a website and the website’s design, and you will also have to pay for some additional marketing materials, such as creating a brand logo. But if you are creative enough and possess the necessary skills, you could create your own hosting company’s website and marketing materials completely on your own. Thus, you might save some additional money on your initial white-label reseller hosting investment, and you can limit your expenses only to the purchase of a reseller hosting package. 

Reason #3: A very good source of income  

Reseller hosting could be a great and really very profitable opportunity for getting additional income. And sometimes it may be a great possibility for ensuring your long-term main income as well.  

You could right away start offering hosting services with particular features or higher quality than what you could currently provide. This way, you can earn decent money like you were in the niche for decades. Exactly how much you will earn depends on 2 main factors only: 

  • Your business flair; 
  • The prices of the packages your white-label company provides.  

If you have good knowledge, a desire to provide quality services, and decent marketing skills, you will be able to get enough clients to earn proper or even excellent profit. In most cases, the reseller business is as profitable as the quality of the marketer’s services is. And the better the marketer’s reseller hosting company is, the better services they will provide to their clients.  

Reason #4: The more helpful you are, the more you could earn

Remember that, unlike huge hosting providers, as a reseller hosting provider you most probably will never be able to offer very cheap hosting plans. Though you could try to offer as affordable prices as possible at the expense of your profit amount, we would not advise you to decrease your earnings. What we think would be best for you is to keep your focus not on the low prices of your services, but on the following five factors: 

  • Trustworthiness: Good and friendly relationship with your regular clients would increase their trust in you. Thus, you could justify the higher price your customers will be paying for your services, which they could otherwise get cheaper from the bigger hosts. Friendly attitude and politeness might be the things your customers will not be able to get from the big hosting providers, but only when they use your services.  
  • Availability: Always be ready to pay close attention to your customers when they have a question or problem to solve, including on weekends and holidays. Do not delay resolving their server problems and take each issue seriously and with due respect.  
  • Proactiveness: Proactive security support and server and add-on maintenance by your side can contribute to overall customer satisfaction. In this way, your clients would remain your customers and will be willing to be your customers, even though they might be paying more for your services than what they would do with other competitors.  
  • Familiarity with your clients’ websites: Always being ready to help with things that are website-related is another thing for which your potential customers will prefer you to others. We would suggest you be interested in the sites of your clients. For example, take a look at what code language or content management system they used to build their great website. That way, you can always provide in-time help that will be appreciated by your customers.  
  • Website and package attractiveness: Do not forget to make your website fresh and easy on the eye, and your hosting packages understandable, affordable, and attractive. To do this, simply emphasize the efficiency of the resources of your packages and how your potential clients could benefit from them. The more briefly and clearly you manage to synthesize the features of the specific packages and explain why each of the characteristics is needed, the more attractive they will look. Of course, it is also desirable not to set too high prices, but also not to compromise at the expense of your profit and the efforts invested. 

Reason #5: Hostens lets you set the rules yourself 

Finding the best reseller hosting offer might be a little bit tricky. A decent reseller web hosting service should be accessible to you via 24/7 customer support, so you could solve any client’s issue when you are not able to do it on your own. Your reseller hosting partner must also let you brand your packages as you wish and use the server resources the way they fit best for you.  

Hostens has all of this! It is a popular division of a Lithuanian company that has been offering affordable and excellent hosting services for 20 years. They offer everything that you could guess about: shared, VPS, and reseller hosting, as well as services such as website builder, VPN, SSL certificates, SPAM filters, domains, and more. You, as a reseller, will be free to manage your resources the way you wish.  

Unlike some other hosting companies offering reseller hosting, Hostens does not put limits on how many customers you should have and how your disk space is shared between them. It is all up to your will! But do not forget that you also bear your responsibility and you should never mislead your customers, so you could be able to keep them with you for as long as possible. 

Reason #6: Hostens has several advantages 

The white-label reseller hosting plans by Hostens have some great benefits that other similar providers may lack. To provide maximum comfort to its reseller partners and their clients, Hostens offers the following features for all its collaborators and their customers: 

  • Clear deals: As small prints do not exist in their terms, you will not see any on their website. Everything you need to know about your plan is clearly visible and understandable. 
  • No mandatory Hostens branding: Unlike many other reseller hosting companies, Hostens allows a full white-label scope. There is absolutely no requirement for you to state that the products and services are actually provided and maintained by them. You could resell all of their services like they were ensured entirely by your company.  
  • Many years of experience: Being a part of the Lithuanian hosting company “Interneto Vizija”, which was founded in 2003, the team behind Hostens is well-qualified with about 20 years of experience in the field of web hosting products and services. This long presence in the niche with no doubt proves their expertise. 
  • Cloud-based organizational structure: Hostens’ reseller packages are built on large-scale hardware which is traditionally more secure and rich in high resources.  
  • Network monitoring: Hostens’ excellently-qualified team provides everyday and around-the-clock network monitoring to guarantee that everything is secure.  
  • Immediate start: You can start your reseller hosting business as soon as you purchase any of the profitable packages.  

Each reseller plan by Hostens includes the following technical marks, which are pretty enough to guarantee efficient performance and customer satisfaction:  

  • Control panel (cPanel or any other) 
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate 
  • Supports various PHP versions 
  • 5 minutes PHP execution time 
  • MariaDB 10 (MySQL 5.6) 
  • 512 MB database size limit 

Reason #7: Many possibilities for each web hosting initiator 

All of the plans and packages of Hostens offer free website builders, daily backups, and server locations in Europe, North America, and Asia. So you could satisfy all your customers’ needs, no matter how capricious they might be and where in the Northern hemisphere they are.  

In case you are just beginning your web hosting initiative, we would recommend you purchase their cheapest R10 plan. With it, for a symbolic price, you could get 20 GB disc space, 2 TB bandwidth, 10 accounts, 100 websites, 100 databases, and 1000 email accounts to resell.  

Compared to the R10 plan, Hostens’ medium package, which is called R20, offers double parameters for everything, i.e. 40 GB disc space, 4 TB bandwidth, 20 accounts, 200 websites, 200 databases, and 2000 email accounts. We would recommend it for providers who already have a number of clients and need more resources to satisfy their necessities.   

And their biggest plan is the R40 one, which is perfect for well-established hosting providers with a constantly increasing number of clients. It includes 60 GB disc space, 8 TB bandwidth, 40 accounts, 400 websites, 400 databases, and 4000 email accounts.  

Reason #8: Easy collaboration with Hostens 

Working with Hostens is easy and friendly right from the very start. All the terms and extras offered in your plan are clearly presented, with no hidden conditions and fine print. No matter what questions you have, never hesitate to ask their reliable customer support team about it. They are 24/7 available for any questions via email and live chat, and the team of experts is always ready to assist you.  

Unlike many other reseller hosting companies, they are extremely liberal in terms of payment methods. And it is a convenience that could save you extra money on payment fees, some of which are often completely unjustified. You could purchase a reseller hosting plan with plenty of payment methods, including the most popular debit and credit cards, Bitpay, PayPal, AliPay, Boleto, and other popular e-wallets.  

Perhaps the strongest proof of the great collaboration with Hostens is their ranking of 4.7 out of 5 stars on the global real customer review platform of Trustpilot, which is a really very good result. What is more, 86% of all the customers ranked Hostens 5 out of 5 stars there.  


Beyond the sympathetic logo with a cute hamster, which is the first thing any visitor to Hostens’ website notices, there is a well-qualified, friendly, and proactive team of amazing professionals who maintain great white-label hosting packages for their current and potential collaborators. 

It is an incredible privilege to be able to earn from reselling products and services with your own lovely brand without having to make any investment in advance (besides buying the specific reseller hosting package). Check the current Hostens’ promotions and take advantage of them. It is never too late to start your own business initiative!

Have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!