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What’s new: cPanel WordPress Integration In 2018

cPanel has been providing WordPress via Site Software for several years, however, there have been some limitations. In the past year, cPanel has sought to not only remove those limitations but also provides server and site administrators with new capabilities. In June of last year, they released the first iteration of WordPress Manager and the updated WordPress package via Site Software.

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Online Security Trends at 2018

In 2017, the world suffered a record number of data breaches. It lets to predict that the problem of online security is not going away anytime soon. Furthermore, it is likely to escalate unless significant checks are put in place to get the situation under control. Oksana Tunikova, an expert of online security, takes a look back on the cybersecurity events of 2017, analyze their long-term effects, outline the lessons learned, and explore where things are heading in 2018.