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Advantages of shared server

January 6, 2020
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

Shared hosting means sharing server resources with other clients. Computing power, memory, and other resources will be evenly divided among users. This is the right solution for small sites and beginners who, for an affordable fee, get a secured system and a convenient site control panel. Shared web hosting is a possibility to store information related to the site on individual servers. Servers guarantee trouble-free operation that no small business can provide independently. Therefore, renting a shared hosting is the best and most economical option for fledgling companies.

Shared Server Hosting Is Like a Hostel

You can compare shared hosting with a hostel – with the right approach to finding a room you can coexist quite peacefully with your neighbors. Everyone does their own thing without interacting with each other, and everyone is comfortable under the same roof. For example, for a low fee, there is a shower, a place to sleep, and a kitchen. If you do not have your own “home,” you need to use the services of a “hostel.”

The advantage of shared hosting is that customers who cannot afford to rent a whole server but want to create their representative website on the Internet can do this quickly and easily thanks to this inexpensive type of hosting. Moreover, almost all websites start their “life” on such a type of hosting.

For the website to function, you use the general resources of the server: RAM, processor time, and others. Moreover, shared hosting supports all the necessary software (PHP, MySQL, Perl, FTP), which allows you to use any popular CMS for your website.

No Specialized IT Knowledge Requires

Besides, you get access to a convenient control panel, through which you can perform various actions with your website without having any specialized IT knowledge. Hosting provider setup on your part is carried out through a convenient administrative panel: you can master all its functions in a few hours. There you can manage files, databases, mailboxes, hosting access, and more.

All other responsibilities for the arrangement of the server, its technical support, and management fall on the shoulders of the system administrators of the hosting company.

As a service, virtual server hosting is characterized by some restrictions on the following elements:

  • the amount of traffic per month;
  • the amount of disk space available for a user;
  • the number of FTP accounts and working mailboxes;
  • the number of sites that are hosted as part of hosting service;
  • the quantity of databases themselves;
  • restrictions regarding the RAM (server memory)

The dis-proportionality of the load on the server depends on the websites hosted on the shared hosting, in other words, on the same server. There are quite large portals with a large number of visitors, and there are small sites that do not create such a load. To somehow optimize server performance and eliminate failures, hosting providers often limit CPU resources for user scripts.

However, despite this great house internals, clients still get a lot of benefits:

  • reliable server;
  • permanent access to the network;
  • stable functions;
  • free domain names;
  • a large package of services “by default”;
  • protection systems against viruses, hacker attacks, and more;
  • specialized technical knowledge required;
  • served and administered by customer support.

Disadvantages of shared hosting:

The disadvantages of virtual site hosting directly follow from the features of the technology – the joint placement of several resources on a standard, already configured server.

Since the server is up to the hosting provider, you will not be able to install your software there, which by default, the provider is not supporting. However, this drawback is relevant only for large projects. For the vast majority of portals and business card sites, a standard list of server software will suffice.

What does Hostens offer?

Hostens specializes in providing web hosting services in Europe, the USA, and Asia. You will host the website on the selected location, which will increase the download speed of your site.

You also get the possibility to work independently with hosting using the leading cPanel control panel, which has a simple and intuitive web-interface. With cPanel, you can:

  • create a domain and an unlimited number of subdomains;
  • manage MySQL and MS SQL databases (create a database, users, etc.);
  • create FTP accounts;
  • manage mail (create mailboxes, mailing lists, etc.);
  • control the use of server resources by your sites;
  • track the activity of users of your sites using the advanced statistics system;
  • use a large number of additional features.

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