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Customer Case – Privatlån

Reseller Hosting
November 17, 2021

I am thrilled to announce a successful collaboration between our Hostens team and Privatlån.com. Privatlån.com operates as a platform where visitors can choose from a variety of lenders offering personal loans, known as "jämför privatlån" in their terminology. Over the past few months, we have had the privilege of delivering exceptional, personalized services to Privatlån.com, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience that aligns perfectly with their specific needs.

What was your primary objective when searching for a new web hosting and domain name?

Our main goal in searching for a new web hosting service was to find a partner capable of providing tailored solutions to meet Privatlån.com's unique requirements. We needed a service that could efficiently handle the platform's traffic and the demands of connecting visitors to various lenders. Our top priority was to ensure a smooth and satisfying experience for our users while adhering to the platform's specific needs.

How did Hostens assist you in choosing the web hosting and domain name?

Hostens played a crucial role in our decision-making process for selecting the ideal web hosting service and domain names. Beyond cheap hosting, they also provided valuable guidance and resources for developing our new website, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Their expertise made the entire process seamless and efficient.

How would you describe your partnership with Hostens?

Our collaboration with Hostens has consistently been outstanding. They have consistently offered customized services tailored to meet Privatlån.com's specific needs. Throughout our partnership, we have been impressed by their dedication to ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience. Their proactive approach and commitment to understanding our platform's requirements have made this collaboration not only productive but also enjoyable.

Which services are you currently utilizing from Hostens?

Currently, we are utilizing a range of customized web VPS hosting solutions provided by Hostens. These services ensure the efficient and reliable operation of our platform, Privatlån.com, for our users. Hostens has been instrumental in delivering tailored solutions that specifically address our requirements, allowing us to connect visitors to multiple lenders without any issues.

Would you recommend Hostens to others?

Absolutely. Our experience with Hostens has been exceptional. They consistently provide outstanding customized services that align perfectly with Privatlån.com's needs. Their commitment to ensuring a smooth and satisfying collaboration has made a significant difference for us. We wholeheartedly recommend Hostens to any organization seeking a reliable web hosting solution.

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