What Is The Difference Between a Website And a Blog

April 3, 2020
Author: Hamster,

The main difference between a blog and a website is the purpose of their creation. Blogs are commonly used to post content that is frequently changing while websites tend to be more static and are organized into different pages that should be dedicated to a specific purpose.

A website is a set of related pages in the World Wide Web that are hosted in one domain name. It is created by linking the content to a server which then links a computer connected to the internet through an IP address.

A blog is a type of website. It can be a site on its own or part of another website. Some websites have blogs as one of the headings. This is the case for companies with products and services who put their customer review sections as part of blogs to update regularly.

Another way of using a blog type of website is for personal blogging. This type of online presence is usually used to express personal opinions and experiences and very often used to create an income source.

Creating a blog

To create a blog, you need to come up with a blog name. A blog name is what identifies you and differs from other people and is your web identity. The name needs to be as descriptive enough as possible but also simple enough at the same time. Most blogs are used to post personal experiences, events, opinions and are best for information sharing because they can be updated regularly.

The process of creating a blog can be simple and free by using the popular blogging platform like This platform offers a free web hosting trial for anyone interested in owning a blog name.

At this platform, you only need to create your blog profile by customizing it to your needs. You will then create your blog name which should be unique. Modern platforms will usually help you to choose a blog name. With this in place, you can then begin blogging by sharing your blog name with friends. You will create a link to your blog name that can be viewed online. The more the views on your blog name is a chance to increase your earnings.

Creating a Website

The website building process depends on a purpose it is going to be used for. Simple websites can be built via web applications while for a complex website you may need to contact a web developer who is an expert. Most of the time, sophisticated websites are those that are interactive or those that have login portals for clients.

Here is beginners guide on starting a new website →

A website needs to be hosted on a server which is also known as web hosting. Web hosting companies offer you a service to link your data to other internet-connected computers. Web hosting enables other people to browse and view your website from any location in the world so long as they have internet. You can build a great website using Hostens drag and drop website builder that you can find here

Hostens website builder enables you to build a website and make changes to the website easily. It has e-commerce features as part of the website hosting service for your business needs and over 200 templates. Also, it comes with artificial intelligence and with multi-language option. You are not constrained as to the number of languages or pages you can have on your website.

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