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Best e-commerce content management systems for your e-shop

Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

Today we’re going to overview the most popular open source CMS choices here at Hostens: Prestashop, Opencart, Magento, and WooCommerce.

On the basis of our Installatron tool, which is used to simplify the installation of various CMS, Hostens clients choose Prestashop as the most popular option with 1625 installations (69.56%). the second comes the Opencart with 516 (22.09%), and Magento at the third place with 195 installations (8.35%).

Unfortunately, there are no statistics on no less popular e-commerce solution – WooCommerce. This is because it is not a separate system, but a plugin for WordPress. Despite this, WooCommerce has a great name as possible choice for your e-shop, too.

Learn how to start a WordPress website here →

Content Management System Statistics

Pros and Cons for Prestashop:

+ Large number of possible design templates. Most of paid templates are priced for about 50-70$.

+ Easy management with user friendly interface.

+ Multilingual installation possibility.

+ Multistore functionality

+ Multiple payment methods

+ Functionality range for basic e-commerce solution

+ Large userbase that has generated lots of various solutions for issues on the web.

+ SEO friendly

– Design that is more suitable for a small instead of large shop.

– Lack of scaling when compared to other CMS

– Additional important modules or templates has to be purchased.

Pros and Cons for Opencart:

+ Large number of templates, however installation of them requires more involvement. Most of paid templates cost around 30-50$.

+ Easy management after getting used to the system.

+ Multilingual installation possibility via extensions.

+ Multistore functionality.

+ Multiple payment methods available.

+ Short time needed to release shop after installation.

+ Lots of solutions for possible issues posted on various forums.

+ Scalable, but requires extensions

– Not easy for customization.

– The more modifications has been done, the harder to be updated.

– Wide range of functionality mostly have to be paid for.

– Not very friendly in matter of SEO. Requires effort to be SEO friendly.

Pros and Cons for Magento:

+ Lots of templates.

+ Multiple languages supported.

+ More functionality choices, than other CMS offers, even on free version.

+ Multistore functionality.

+ Multiple payment options.

+ Large user base that creates lots of material on system usage on the web.

+ Scaling, so the number of products introduced on the website does not create issues.

+ SEO friendly

– Paid template versions are more expensive than for other CMS and costs about 50-100$.

– Management requires experience, since the system has lots of possible configurations.

– Hard developing due to size of the file and database system.

– Quite expensive paid version.

Pros and Cons for WooCommerce:

+ Easy design management. Large design base and if paid template is being used, most of them cost about 40-60$.

+ Lots of analytic tools can be integrated with the system.

+ Easy management, because system is built on WordPress.

+ Multilingual possibility due to number of plugin possibilities.

+ Multistore possibility via plugin usage.

+ Multiple payment methods.

+ Helpful knowledge provided on various pages by userbase.

+ SEO friendly

– Implementation of new functionality requires knowledge.

– Cost increases for each of custom requirements.

– Requires knowledge not only for WooCommerce, but with WordPress also.

– For the store to be scalable, programming code has to be optimized.

Comparison of Possible CMS Choices

Each of the mentioned systems has similarities and differences. None of them can be titled as “The Best One” for all cases. But definitely you can find the one that fits you best. Choosing the right one depends on your vision of the store that you wish to create and the ability to match your requirements.

If the budget of starting a website is your biggest worry, then the recommendation would be OpenCart. It is good to start your first small project that will lead into lavish life of businessperson. If investment in CMS is not an indicator for you, but specific features and the enormous size possibility is everything to follow your dream – then Magento should probably be your choice. You do now have the image on how your e-shop should look like and you like to test various options and choose the one you like – choose PrestaShop with its large number of designs and features. If you have any experience with WordPress when WooCommerce should be your first choice to start from.

Why Hostens is the Best Choice for Hosting Your E-Shop?

Because we reflect P-L-A-N-3 features that shows key points about us.

P – Professional support, that can help you via e-mails, chats or ticketing system. Together we can solve your problems. If you are a bit shy to contact us – check the knowledgebase that we have prepared here https://www.hostens.com/knowledgebase/

L – Leading hosting provider in Lithuania (Europe). As Hostens manages its own datacenter with the team of professionals, this allows us to provide great services at affordable price.

A – Adorable hamster that will meet you every time you visit our page or social networks!

N – Numerous location choices for your hosting plan. We offer Europe (Lithuania), USA (Virginia) and Asian (Singapore) locations for our shared hosting plan services.

3 steps are only required to start building your website:

1. Order the service.

2. Log-in.

3. Install your wanted CMS via Installatron tool.

Installation will be completed in couple of minutes and you will be ready to build your own e-shop.

Pssst… “PLAN3” is also a discount code that will give you 10% discount for shared hosting services! It starts from $0.99 a month.

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