Hostens partners with Cloudfare. That means faster and more secure DNS

Web hosting
September 5, 2017
Author: Hamster,

From now on, Hostens has partnered with the leading Internet security solutions provider Cloudflare by starting to use Cloudflare technology for all of Hostens’ name servers.

Cloudflare protects and accelerates all the domains hosted on our name servers. It means the DNS queries and its lookup time are improved by allowing them to load three times faster. Before Coudflare, the average response time of DNS query from 84 different locations around the world was 153 ms. Now, after we’ve started using Cloudflare technology, the average response time dropped down to the average of 45 ms.

Cloudflare’s technology not only speeds up the time it takes to make sure server are secure but provides the additional security layer too. Cloudflare helps absorb the flood of traffic associated with DDoS attacks against Hostens name server. Finally, it improves the performance and reliability of all assets on Hostens name saver.


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