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How to create a truly valuable landing page: few ideas to consider

April 26, 2022
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

A landing page is a web page of your website where people get the first true impression of your business and where they make a decision of whether to convert or not.

While setting up your promotional campaign is one thing, most business experts agree that having a proper dedicated page towards turning visitors into customers is crucial.

However, mastering the art of the landing page is not as easy as it might seem. Quite often even the smallest details can impact the decision of a consumer, which means that you as a business owner have to craft everything properly, to the smallest details.

We will take a look at some of the best practices that one might implement for their website. If you feel like your conversions are not as good as they should be, it might just be the right time to try out completely new things.

Focus everything on a single promotional button

In order to maximize your opportunity of converting people, you have to simplify that process as much as possible on your webpages. If checking out is a multi-step process which takes quite a bit of time, people might be repulsed and simply leave elsewhere.

Using a clear, emphasized call-to-action for people to do something of value, whether it’s to buy, apply for a free trial, subscribe to a newsletter and etc., maximizes the chances of people completing it all the way.

Depending on what type of business you run and your promotional campaign, you may include some elements of trustworthiness for your brand like the clients you’ve worked with or things you managed to accomplish as a business.

The most important thing is keeping everything organic and making it seem like it’s logical to follow upon the actions that you want from users.

The underestimated power of repetition

Quite often, we hear that repeating ourselves should be avoided as it makes us look boring or uncreative. While that may apply to casual conversation, the power of repetition can be quite effective in trying to sell a certain point about your business.

Many businesses, regardless of industry, offer free trials as a mean of letting people get accustomed with the services or products that they are selling.

Depending on what you’re willing to give to your customers, emphasizing the element of free of charge, or money back guarantee in this case, can be an effective mean to generate leads or conversions.

If you’re offering a free trial with no credit card required, you’re effectively telling people that they can use your product for free, without any obligations.

Less copy can sometimes do more

While writing a good copy is almost always crucial, in some cases keeping it simple and being direct can have a much greater effect than long sentences.

This means trying to declutter your landing page of any unnecessary information while leaving on the most important message for the customer.

Try leaving on the most important points of your services and products, the way you operate and so on. In this case, potential customers won’t feel overwhelmed or repulsed by your page setup.

All in all

While the saying itself might seem cliche, keeping it simple and controlling the focus of your visitors can reap much more benefits than going all out with huge copies and traditional marketing stuff that people are so tired of these days.

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