Make Your Website More Professional With these 7 Things

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March 20, 2017
Author: Benjamin Ehinger,

Have you ever stumbled upon one of those websites that looks like it dates back to 1995? Maybe it has a ton of ads on it or just looks incredibly clutters. This could be the description of your website.

If your website is clutters, looks like it was designed a decade ago or has some other specific flaws, most of your visitors may be sceptical about what you offer. Did you know that 75% of those visiting websites judge the company based on how it looks?

When you don’t use a high quality website with a good, professional design, you are putting forth an ugly face of your business online. Here are seven things you can change to make your website look and act more professional than it does right now.

Poor Design

This is a bit of a blanket statement, as your site could be designed well in one area, but not in another. If your site looks outdated, has too much clutter or it’s hard to navigate, it’s time to update the design.

Design issues cause people to leave very quickly, which leads to a high bounce rate. This will, in turn, create a lower conversion rate, which is never a good thing.

Bad Content Writing

Did you go cheap on your content because you wanted to save a few pennies? Was the writer you hired even able to write with good English and free of major spelling and grammar issues.

Its one thing to have a few typos in your content, but it’s a completely different thing when the spelling and grammar are simply terrible. If your content is bad, consider having a professional writer rewrite or at least proofread and edit everything you have on your site. Then, hire the new writer to continue to provide you with better quality content.

Outdated Content

While it’s not as big of an issue if your outdated content is buried in the archives of your blog, it’s still something needing to be addressed. If your about us page or any other main page hasn’t been updated for years, it can cause issues. This can also be an issue on your blog if the last entry is dated back in 2012.

Visitors want fresh, good quality information and they don’t want to feel like you have neglected the content on your website. When they read something on your about page stating you opened in 2000 and have 10 years of experience, yet it’s 2017, it throws up a red flag. You want to make sure all of your content is updated regularly to ensure it matches up with the truth about your company.

A good content writer can be used to help fix these issues, along with providing fresh blog posts. This will go a long way to making your website look more professional.

Poor Mobile Experience

Today, you cannot get away with providing a bad mobile experience for visitors. If your site doesn’t function well on mobile devices, computers and tablets, you’re behind in the game. You need a good, responsive design to ensure all users can access your website quickly and view your content easily.

Even Google finds this important as a bad mobile design will hurt you in the rankings. Make sure you hire a quality web designer to ensure you’re providing a good mobile experience for clients. Make your website load faster with our fast web hosting offer here.

Too Many Ads

If you make money solely from advertising on your website, you have to be careful about putting up too many ads. It may seem like more ads increases your revenue, but it will also cause a higher bounce rate and make visitors irritated. Instead, make sure your ads blend in with the site and naturally look like a part of your website.

It’s best to use advertising that isn’t intrusive, such as pop-up or exit ads. This can make your website appear cheap and unprofessional.

Those selling products or services of their own are best to avoid ads altogether. You have your own ways of making money and don’t need a few bucks from advertisement that distracts from your business.

Broken Links

There isn’t much of anything more annoying than trying to access a recommended product or article from a blog post or web page only to get an error page. Broken links are annoying and drive down the quality of your website for the user and for the search engines.

This is a simple fix, however. You can use one of many tools, extensions or plugins to find and fix broken links. This process should be done once in a while or set on automatic to ensure you are updating your site’s links whenever they become broken.

Stock Images

While stock images may seem good, they are not the best by any means. When you use better images you took yourself or had a professional create, it will make your website look far better. They take more time, but they also convert at nearly 45% higher rates than stock pictures.

You don’t need to invest in an expensive camera or equipment. Just something that takes decent pictures will do the trick. Even if you don’t want to take pictures, you can hire a professional to create images for you.

There are several ways to make your website look more professional. These are just seven of the most common things you can do to ensure your web presence is far better than it is right now.

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