Meet me. I’m hamster and I want to change the world

Hamster using a laptop
February 27, 2017
Author: Hamster,


I’m small, fluffy, furry rodent with a short, pretty tail and big cheeks (please do not confuse me with a mouse or rat. Rats are ugly. As nowadays the mouse is just a pointing device for your computer).

I’m Hamster.

I’m cute.

I’m very social, sweet and friendly. I’m smart, too. I have huuuugeeee plans. Perhaps, even bigger than Mr. Donald Trump has. The only difference is that he hides his plans. While I’m not.

Im ready to tell you my tremendous plans.

I want to eat all the papers around the world! Ha-haa-haa! I know. It’s true. And it’s huge.

Cause, papers are simply just a food for me. And it’s delicious while a website isn’t. I don’t want to eat website. I even can’t do it. Despite the fact, how amazing and powerful I am.

Okay, enough about me.

You’re clever, too. And you know what does it mean. It’s time for you to build a website instead of using tons of papers which will be destroyed anyway. Sooner or later. Undoubtedly, going digital is a proper way of doing things – to manage your business, to communicate with your customers, to write your blog, to showcase your work, to sell, to buy, to share and to be accessible 24/7. It’s huge. It’s time to do that. Even your hamster should have a website now.

That’s all. This is what we have in common, so let’s meet my friend.

Me in childhood

Relaxing me

Me during the holidays

Me doing the housework

A little bit wasted

Me during Christmas

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