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Our Cheap Shared Web Hosting Plans: Top 10 Reasons to Choose Them

Cheap Shared Web Hosting Plans
November 10, 2022
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

Today, there are many easy ways to create your own website for business, for non-profit, or for any other purpose. CMS websites, for instance, are becoming increasingly popular, and more and more website owners are switching to them instead of custom-based websites. 

But before creating your shiny and appealing new website, you must find a cozy and fairly functional home for it. For this purpose, you have to complete two inevitable actions, which are usually not as entertaining as creating the website vision: choosing a unique domain name and a web hosting plan.  

In this blog, we will not only try to explain what is web hosting, but we will also try to explain how to choose the most suitable and affordable shared web hosting package that completely responds to your needs. We’ll also try to offer you some extremely good and cheap web hosting plans, including month-to-month ones.  

What You Should Think About Before Purchasing a Web Hosting Plan? 

People quite often neglect the process of choosing the right hosting provider. They usually bet on a random one in the rush to create their site as soon as possible. But everyone could save a lot of money and avoid troublesome emotions by carefully evaluating their objective needs before buying a hosting plan. Thus, we could also successfully make the best option for our individual needs and comply with our personal and security concerns.  

Why do Web Hosting Packages Have Different Prices?  

There are many different web hosting providers, and their prices vary. Usually, there are many different features that make a hosting package cheaper or more costly.  

As a general rule, more expensive packages are considered to be appropriate for websites that need extremely high traffic. Usually, they’re using dedicated servers that make the price really pompous. In case your new website is not expected to have thousands of visits per day, you really don’t need to pay so much.  

Unlike dedicated servers that are meant to serve only a single website with very high traffic, the shared ones are quite cheaper as they host several websites in a single physical server. Web hosting prices are cheaper as several parties pay for the maintenance of the server. A plan like this will be quite appropriate for you if your website is expected to have low to slightly above moderate traffic. 

If you succeed to assess your needs properly, you will make the right choice with no doubt. In case you start with a cheaper plan for lower traffic but your website’s daily traffic increases in time, you don’t have to worry at all as you could anytime change your plan to another one.  

Why Choose Our Cheap Web Hosting Plans? 

At Hostens you can get exactly what you need and nothing more at a very cheap price and in high quality. Anytime your traffic needs to be increased you could upgrade your plan. No matter what your needs are – for smaller or for higher traffic – we have the crispiest hosting plans for everyone, even for your hamster. 

Hostens has several exclusively cheaper types of plans, quite cheaper than other alternatives, that you could choose for your demands without having to compromise on quality. The best for start-up initiatives is our cheap shared hosting plan! Here are the top 10 reasons why to choose it! 

Reason #1: The best option for beginners  

Hostens’ cheap shared web hosting is the most suitable option for your website if you are a beginner and your business or initiative is yet to develop.  

With shared web hosting, your website will be sheltered in a physical server together with other websites. Just as students often rent a house together in which they live during their most exciting youthful years!  

Reason #2: It’s really cheap!  

Yes, it is! We bet our shared plans can be much cheaper than any other bill that you have to pay each month.  

The cheaper price of our shared plans comes from the fact that you will be sharing a physical server with other users’ sites. And so server maintenance will be split between all the tenants just as several youngsters use to live in a single house to share their spending for rent, electricity, heating, water, and municipal fees. 

Reason #3: You could choose between cheap and even cheaper!  

You could pay for your shared web hosting package month to month (as tenants in a household usually do) or once per year. With an annual payment, the price of your monthly use will be even cheaper!  

If you choose an annual shared type domain, not only you could enjoy all the features and functionalities of a high-quality shared hosting at a lower price, but also you could take advantage of an opportunity to gain a free domain.  

Reason #4: If you pay annually, you can enjoy a free domain!  

Yes, with the shared Hostens plan you can get a domain completely for free! If you pay for a whole year, not only you will save some monthly costs, but you could also choose between the following 5 options that are really crispy and cool:  

  • .SITE 
  • .TECH 
  • .ONLINE 
  • .STORE 

Reason #5: Great website builder for completely free!  

Each shared hosting plan by Hostens has another fresh and quite useful extra that is completely for free!  

You can enjoy a ready-to-use website builder that could be quite useful in creating a nice website for your start-up business. The system is quite simple to use, offering around 200 well-arranged and refined templates to choose between.  

By dragging and dropping different elements, you could create a website in almost no time. Within less than 60 minutes you could see the final result – your sparkling new website! 

Reason #6: Our shared plans are easy to upgrade

When students graduate, they usually need more space for themselves and they move to independent properties where they could live on their own. Likewise, when a website owner needs more space, his most common solution is to move his website to a VPS server.  

When you start getting noticed more often and your traffic starts to grow, you could enjoy any of Hostens’ unmanaged VPS hosting plans 

Reason #7: An option to upgrade your shared plan to… earning money!  

Just imagine that you could be a hosting provider without having to hold your own physical space for a server. It sounds very cool, doesn’t it? You could anytime upgrade your shared web hosting plan at Hostens to a white-label reseller hosting plan 

White-label hosting is usually related to a kind of mutual cooperation between two hosting-providing companies or a hosting company and an individual. In this case, a company rents its server space to another company or a person. And the tenant rerents their space to their own clients.  

As earning money by rerenting server space is quite an easy passive income opportunity, it is a perfect option for anyone who wants to receive additional income or start their own web hosting business. You could also use a part of the space you bought for your own purposes and rent the rest to other clients. Why don’t you think about it today? This might be a really big chance! 

Reason #8: Regular backups included 

Data is a vitally important component for each website, and losing it could lead to two troubles: not being able to recover your website, and putting at risk your business and other activities. One of the greatest features of our shared web hosting plans is that each of them includes backups.  

Conducted daily and weekly, these backups save your data by copying it and moving it to other locations. Thus, your website could be completely recovered in case of a hacker attack or other kinds of malicious actions.  

Reason #9: Plenty of payment methods

Unlike other hosting companies where payment options are unpleasantly limited, Hostens has a huge variety of payment methods. You can pay with both debit and credit cards, as well as with some of the most popular e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Here is a list of all the payment methods available at Hostens:  

  • Debit and credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro 
  • PayPal 
  • Paysera 
  • International payments 
  • Bitcoins/Bitcoin Cash 
  • Alipay 
  • Tenpay 
  • UnionPay 
  • Doku 
  • OneCard 
  • Boleto 

They’re really many, aren’t they? 

Hostens does not charge any additional fees for any of the payments, but some of these methods may incur a small fee. That’s why we suggest you check carefully the conditions of your e-wallet or other payment method before conducting the payment.  

Reason #10: A very friendly customer support 

Incompetent and rude customer support representatives are what most hosting users regularly complain about. But this is not the case with Hostens. Not at all!  

Anytime you have an issue with your shared web hosting, our team of polite and really very cognizant experts can be reached by live chat, email, and ticketing. They’re really much into the hosting fields and their main responsibility is resolving our clients’ issues quickly and efficiently. 

All these smart brains are the core of Hostens. And we are well aware that without them we couldn’t have had the trust of our satisfied customers for years!  


Hostens shared web hosting plans and packages are a great opportunity for anyone who needs high-quality hosting at a relatively low price. You can check the current prices here and start your business or non-profit initiative right now!   

All the additional extras, such as a free domain option, website builder, free backups, and the possibility to upgrade the plan at any time, as well as the extremely good team of experts that you can call in case of any problem, make Hostens’ shared web hosting plan truly one of the best in the web hosting market nowadays. 


What is VPS hosting? 

VPS is short for a virtual private server. With VPS a single physical server hosts multiple virtual servers. Unlike custom shared hosting services, VPS technology makes it possible for you to take advantage of the convenience of a dedicated server at a much cheaper price.  

Though being a part of a single bigger server, VPS servers are isolated from the rest. Regarding features and functionalities, It is very appropriate for websites with medium traffic.  

Does Hostens offer VPS hosting? 

The unmanaged VPS hosting service by Hostens is like a new shiny neighborhood, perfect for starting an independent life there.  

The term “unmanaged” should not bother you at all as it does not refer in any way to the quality of the VPS service. With VPS hosting you get the exceptional proactive support of your server space, excellent customer support by experts (available via live chat, email, and ticketing), clear conditions, and overall high-quality service at a very decent price.  

In addition, you could upgrade your VPS hosting plan with some additional features for a symbolically low cost.  

Does Hostens offer white-label reseller hosting plans? 

You could start your own hosting business with Hostens today. We would suggest you start it by buying the smallest reseller hosting package. And once the number of your clients starts rising, you could upgrade to a bigger plan. But, of course, we would recommend you purchase the package that responds to your clients’ needs.  

An extremely important rule in this business is not making a profit at the expense of your customers’ well-being. This is the only way you can have their trust and keep your clientele for a long time. And why not forever? It is all up to you!  

That’s why it would not be good for your business reputation to choose the smallest reseller plan if you already have enough customers to work with. If you do start with the smallest plan, don’t hesitate to upgrade to a bigger one as soon as the number of your customers increases. 

What is the domain name for?  

The domain name is actually the name of the website that appears in the URL bar. You can buy a domain that you could use for a specific period of time, but it could never become yours forever. Once this period of time expires, the domain could be offered for sale again unless the current user of the domain states that they wish to continue using the same domain for a fee. But this could be done in a predetermined period of time only. 

In order to prevent losing your domain name if you forget to renew your subscription, it would be good to extend the lease of your domain in advance. You could also choose an option to receive reminders by email every time your domain is due to expire.  

Hostens doesn’t save any payment, debit, or debit card details. This is why each of your payments must be conducted manually. 

At Hostens you can buy a domain without using our hosting services, and domains can be set up in minutes. Of course, you can always jump up to our web hosting packages as soon as you need them.

Have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!