Our Team And Our Home. A Look Inside The Everyday Of A Hostens Employee

Hostens team
April 20, 2017
Author: Hamster,

Besides our cute Hamster, Hostens team consists of web hosting geeks with over 5 years experience in system administration. These senior engineers are the core of a company, and have broad experience in supporting, configuring, maintaining, and administrating Linux systems, specializing in production Cloud computing and virtualization systems based on the OpenVZ. Our engineers have solid experience in managing web hosting environments: LAMP, TCP/IP, DNS, Exim.

Also, we are a team of creators, thinkers, and explorers. We have been lucky to have like-minded people join Hostens. We love having fun, but we are very serious about delivering great outcomes too. Through our experience, we get to know when it is a time to work when it is a time to celebrate. Nice to meet you!

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