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Signs that you need to upgrade your service plan

March 30, 2022
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

Hostens offers various service plans (shared, reseller hostings; VPS and VPN) with different resource usage limits. These plans can be upgraded when you see that it is time to do so: you will notice that your service plan resource usage limits are being exceeded, your hosted website is taking way too long to load, the traffic to your website is eating up your available bandwidth, etc. These are clear signs that you may need to upgrade your web hosting or VPS to a bigger plan. 

Fortunately, Hostens plans are upgradeable without affecting the hosting package or VPS configuration and data. Below we provide a list of signs that will help you 

to understand that the time has come to upgrade your plan. 

1. Your website is slowing down

Performance issues are the clearest sign that it’s time to upgrade your hosting subscription plan. If your site is continuously taking a long time to load, it’s possible that you’ve reached the limit of your hosting resources. You can check that via cPanel –> Resource Usage if you have a shared or reseller hosting package or inside your VPS if you have a virtual private server. 

You can also try to enhance performance by reducing the number of plugins you use or optimizing pictures so that they take up less space. 

These methods, however, frequently result in a lower-quality site.

2. Traffic spikes

When selecting a web-hosting server, consider the traffic of visitors to your website. Everyone wants their website to receive a lot of traffic, but are you sure you’re ready for it? 

There’s a possibility that your website’s loading slows down and some users will be unable to access it all together, resulting in timeouts. 

If you know you’ll be getting a lot of traffic; it’s a good idea to upgrade your service plan to a bigger one. However, if the traffic is bigger than 10 000 visitors per day, you should think about moving your site to a VPS server ahead of time. 

3. You are running multiple websites in your hosting package

All Hostens hosting packages have a limit for hosting websites. However, you should keep in mind that if S10 allows hosting ten websites in that hosting package, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to do that. 

Every site is different and requires different resource usage limits, so if one website uses most of the hosting package resources, you will not be able to host more sites on that package. 

If clients ignore that and host multiple websites on the same hosting package even when resource usage limits are exceeded, this will cause them a problem for them. Websites will slow down and might show some errors related to reaching resource limits. 

4. Not enough space or inodes

The hosting package and VPS have disk limit and inode limit. Inode limits are different in different hosting packages, and inodes limit is counted only for Container (ordered before 2020) and Storage VPS by the formula:

Disk space (GB) x 15 000

If you have reached the disk or inode limit, there are two solutions:

1) delete unnecessary files from your hosting package or VPS;

2) upgrade your hosting package, Container (ordered before 2020), or Storage VPS to a bigger plan. 

5. Your website need to be customized more

If you want to upgrade your website and add more plugins, images, and videos, you might need to upgrade your plan so that your resource usage limits are not exceeded and the site continues to run smoothly. 

6. Usage alerts

What happens when your hosting resources are exceeded? Hostens have a monitoring tool that monitors all hosting packages, and if it detects that a client is exceeding hosting package resource limits, the system opens the usage abuse ticket that must be solved within 24 hours. We will inform you by email in case this situation occurs. 

One solution might be to upgrade your hosting package plan to a bigger one. However, before doing that it’s a good idea to check what caused the problem. 

In addition, if you are facing any of the issues mentioned that may affect your website performance, you should consider upgrading your hosting package or VPS plan to a bigger one. 

Note 1: You will need to pay only the price difference between plans when the plan is upgraded. 

Note 2: The upgrade doesn’t affect the hosting package or VPS configuration and no data is deleted. 

As you see, there is no need to think of web hosting or VPS as an expenditure. Just think of it as an investment in a better future. 

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