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The life cycle of a domain

May 3, 2022
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

Website domain names are the principal addresses that a person or a company uses to create their unique website and spread information about their activities on the internet. Domains are usually ordered for a specific period of time, and if not renewed on time, they expire. It is essential to renew domains before the expiration date because you might lose the ownership of the domain that represents your business brand.

However, if you see that your domain has expired, don’t get scared right away. It might be that a grace period applies, during which you will be able to renew it.

The top-level domain, which is the part with the letters to the right of the dot, has different expiration periods.

This article explains what happens to domains when they expire and what you need to do to prevent your domains from expiring.

Domain life cycle:


The domain’s life cycle begins with it being available. Once you’ve decided on a domain name, use our Checker to see whether it’s still available.



If your desired domain is available, you may purchase it and then its status will be changed to Active. The validity of this status is usually one year; afterwards it expires. The domain owner should renew the domain within this period to maintain ownership of that domain.


One day after the domain’s expiration date, its status changes to Expired. When a domain expires, the website and the email associated with it stop working.

Grace period

When a domain is not renewed in time, it enters the grace period before the final deadline. The grace period usually lasts up to 0 – 45 days. During this time, you have the possibility to reactivate your domain name without the fear of it being deleted. There are no extra expenses during the grace period; you can simply renew the domain at the usual renewal price.

However, you will need to contact the domain provider from whom you have purchased your domain.

Some TLDs, including but not limited to the following domain extensions do not have a grace period:









Note 1: These domains listed above enter the Redemption period after expiry.

Redemption period

The domain enters the redemption period (also known as the redemption grace period) after the grace period, which lasts 30 days. Typically, there is an extra price for renewing a domain name within this period. The TLD determines the charge.

Pending deletion

Your domain enters the pending deletion stage once the redemption period ends. A domain typically enters a redemption period about 45 days after its expiration date if it is not renewed or purchased by a 3rd party. During this time (it usually lasts five days), you have no other choice than to wait until the domain name is erased and you are allowed to repurchase it. Keep in mind that anybody will be able to acquire the domain.

How to keep your domain from expiring?

Down below you will find useful tips on how to prevent accidental domain expiration:

1) Renew your domain early:

Hostens generates domain renewal invoices one month before the domain expiration date. Clients are informed about generated invoices by email, besides our system sends a couple of reminders to make sure you do not miss the deadline. This is why it’s important our clients provide us with a valid email address and they check their email a couple of times per week.

2) Do not disable auto-renew if you decide to renew your domain:

If auto-renew is disabled, our system will not generate the renewal invoice for your domain and if there is no invoice, you will most likely miss the deadline and the domain will expire.

Note 2: We do not save any payment details or credit card details. This is why the periodical payment should be made manually, alternatively you can set up an automatic payment on the selected gateway platform.

Note 3: Domains are not refundable, so if they are renewed automatically, unfortunately, we will not be able to issue a refund.

3) Make sure that your chosen payment method is working:

If you use, for example, a credit card, make sure that there is no problem with the card, and you will be able to make a payment before the due date. Domain renewal invoices cannot be extended, so the domain will expire if you do not renew it on time.

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