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What are the Pros of Using an Online Website Builder? 

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December 9, 2022
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

Nowadays, people who want to create a website don’t need coding skills as there are great content management systems (CMSs) and easy website builders. But building a website on your own was almost impossible only two decades ago. To create a website, people had to rely exclusively on developers with knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other coding languages. 

With the inventions of CMS platforms, the first open-source of which is WordPress, and easy web page builders, anyone nowadays can make a refined website quickly and with fun. Yes, it is so fun that making a website today, whether for business, non-profit, or hobby, is literally easier than preparing the table for a festive dinner with your relatives. 

What is an Easy Website Builder?  

Easy-to-use website builders have been around for the past 30 years but have become very popular only in the last decade. They are simple instruments with many drag-and-drop options that let the construction and upbuilding of web pages without code writing.  

According to their availability and functionality, they are divided into two main types: online and software (app) web page builders.  

  • Online website builders: These tools are equipped by hosting providers to let their clients construct a web page on their own. Site creation could be conducted online, and you don’t need to bother with any installations. Everything happens easily and conveniently. 
  • Software website builders: They are software instruments that must be installed on a PC device. With them, users could build a website and make it live with the help of any hosting service. Sometimes, website builders of this kind are called “web page design software”. 

Considering the saving of your computer’s memory, the installation time, and the process of transferring the site online using a hosting service, we highly recommend you use an online website builder. In practice, it does the same job as the software website builder and lets you start building your own website instantly. 

Pros of the Website Builder 

Web page builders have 3 primary pros:  

  • Easy for anyone to use: They are made so that any newbie website builder can easily and effectively navigate them to create their dream website design. 
  • Replace the need for code languages: You can create a new website from the ground up without having to implement any coding language in the process at all. 
  • They help you save money on IT developers: You could create a great website without having to hire a developer, which usually costs a lot of money. 

But apart from these few main pros, web page builders also have 5 more beneficial advantages, which could make them even more useful than just helping you construct a well-working website. Here they are.  

Advantage #1: Great Templates 

You may not even have a clue about coding, but with a website builder, you can choose a great template or theme from the gallery that each of them provides. Thus, you could make your website look professional and refined (if you will be using it for business or non-profit causes) or full of colors and fresh (if your goal will be to create a blog or other type of site for entertainment). Templates are usually themed in galleries, and you could directly choose the type of template that best suits your needs, whether it is a blog, an online store, a business site, or any other type of web page.

These ready-made templates have been refined so precisely for your convenience that they can be opened on any device, whether desktop computers, tablets, or mobile phones. You don’t need to worry about how the content layout of your website will be visualized to your visitors. Anything that looks great on your laptop will look marvelous on your visitors’ mobile devices as well.  

With any good website builder, people could benefit from precise mobile responsiveness, fast loading speed, multi-page structure, e-commerce integration (if necessary), and rich interactivity (application of images, videos, document files, etc.) 

Advantage #2: Easy Publishing Website Content on Social Networks 

Today, if something doesn’t appear on social media, it often doesn’t appear anywhere else, as if it never ever happened. This also applies to the posts on your webpage. Using good SEO practices can also help you achieve great results as your site can appear when searching for certain keywords on Google. But social media promotion cannot be replaced by anything else in its effectiveness.

All sites created by using a website builder can have their content shared on various social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. When you post on Facebook a link to a page or to a specific publication from your website, it will appear there with its title and the image you uploaded to it on the website. 

Most website builders also offer social integration opportunities, such as Facebook likes. In addition, to each of your posts on your website, you can place convenient buttons for sharing the content on social networks. In this way, you will be able to share your content on social network pages and groups easily and quickly, and the guests of your website will be able to do the same as well.  

Advantage #3: It is Cheap  

As already mentioned above, with a website builder, you can save a lot of costs that would otherwise go for developers’ and photoshop designers’ fees, and you could still have a great-looking website. The only thing you have to do is choose an appropriate theme for your type of site from the gallery. After that, you will be able to customize it completely according to your taste or any marketing tricks you would like to apply. 

Any text, as well as any image or photo you would like to add to the site, you can upload completely yourself, because the website builder was created just for that. This way, you can save hundreds, if not thousands on maintenance fees, especially if your business is boutique or your other type of initiative has not yet expanded vastly. 

Advantage #4: It Saves you Time and Maintenance Hassle  

As Stephen Covey – the author of the “Time Management Matrix” said, “The key is in not spending time, but in investing it”. Why should you waste precious time learning coding languages when you can so easily create a great, refined, and beautiful website in just an hour or two? Instead, you could invest all that time in developing your venture, which is why you need your website. 

Using a web page builder also makes the overall maintenance of your site easier. If, for example, you need to add more products to the showcase section of your business site, this can happen as easily and conveniently as posting a new photo on your Instagram profile. Also, the overall self-support of your site can be improved by some additional plugins that could be effortlessly activated at any time. They could make your site even more attractive and interesting. 

If, at some point, you decide that you need to change or renew the look of your website, don’t worry at all. Most good site builders allow you to change the template and theme of your page without having to upload all the content again from scratch. 

Advantage #5: It Helps Keeping Your Website Safe and Secure

A poorly constructed platform could possibly lead to vulnerabilities and give hackers more opportunities to infiltrate your site and misuse important data or damage your site. Therefore, we recommend using only reputable website builders.

When initiators of a new website have a good website builder, they could use all the available features to keep the site safe from malicious activities. The security settings and their further maintenance could be left up to your responsibility (if you have the knowledge of how to do it) or it could be performed by a specialist or a company. 

Hostens’ website builder offers a great “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificate to guarantee the security of your visitors and make them confident that their personal data will be protected.  

Start Creating Your Site Today with Hostens’ Website Builder  

Instead of concentrating on technical issues and looking for specialists to resolve them, you could create a decent website and make it go online in less than an hour with the Hostens’ website builder. It is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop platform, and you could count on proactive qualified technical customer support 

Hostens’ website builder comes with many useful instruments, such as widgets, top social integration, free “Let’s Encrypt” SSL certificate, integration of images, videos, music, and HTML code, blog plugins, and ability to create sign up and other types of forms. In case you need your website for business, you could also enjoy the opportunity to connect a Google Analytics account.   

And another huge advantage of Hostens’ website builder is that you can start with a free package and, if necessary, you could upgrade it later to a paid basic or business one.

Have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!