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What Is a Responsive WordPress Theme

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March 6, 2020
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

We have heard a lot about WordPress. Generally, we have a pretty good understanding of what it is – it’s a well known free blogging platform. We can use it in a variety of ways. Today, this amazing blogging website offers a wide range of themes to its customers.

WordPress theme is a pack of files that will eventually be located on your server to offer your blog or website a proper look. 

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Hundreds of themes that exist today: free themes, responsive themes, and premium themes. You can simply download and use them on your blog – it is as simple as that. In this article we will talk about the responsive WordPress theme, it’s advantages and drawbacks and analyzes some examples of such a theme.

What is a responsive WordPress theme?

According to Wiki, responsive design is a website architecture approach planned to provide an ideal viewing experience: reading and simple navigation with resizing, panning and review functions on a wide range of devices (from personal computers to smartphones).

If WordPress theme is responsive, it implies that it can be modified so that it is adapted to a wide range of devices with screens of various sizes, similar to work areas, PCs, tablets or even advanced cells. Guests will not need to slide and drag to see the content displayed on their small devices.

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When it comes to responsive WordPress themes, we must make sure that we know the responsive web design, the most recent pattern in the field of structuring a site. A responsive WordPress theme uses CSS and JS to alter the format of the site or a blog to fit the layout within the program that we see on our computers, laptops or mobile phones. Having a blog or a website with a WordPress responsive theme is very advantageous. It makes the blog look very appealing and easily accessible to potential customers worldwide.

Why Use Responsive WordPress Themes?

The most compelling argument in favor of a responsive WordPress theme is that smartphones are quickly becoming a top choice for accessing the Internet among all age groups and in developing markets. It is said that in the not-so-distant future more people will use smartphones than PCs to go online.

If your website is not adapted for mobile phones, it can provide a disappointing experience to users who access it via cell phones and tablets. This could potentially damage your business.

With a responsive WordPress theme, you can build an updated portable site that is supported on a wide range of devices, be it a PC, iPad tablet, cell phone or any other smartphone. Also, it is a great way to attract more visits and keep visitors longer on your site while continuously providing a positive experience to your clients. Moreover, it is good for SEO.

Recommended Conventional Responsive WordPress Themes


Sillver is a free Magic Theme. This design is 100% responsive and adapts to any device with screens of various sizes. The highlights include a custom header and footer, 3-page formats, 8 pre-characterized theme masks, custom foundation shading, custom sliders etc.


This one is paid, however, it looks gorgeous.

There are several receptive WordPress themes accessible for advertising. Among a large number of themes, Magee definitely stands out as one of the best.

WordPress themes are easy to use, powerful and the best CMS choice for managing web content.

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