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Managed Or unmanaged VPS?

managed vs. unmanaged vps
January 6, 2020
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

You can see that your project is growing, and more and more visitors are coming to your webpage, e-shop, or project website. So, your next step is to think about the server resources that your project is on. Startups or project developers start from shared hosting as it is the cheapest and most convenient hosting type: you do not care for anything related to the server management. Only upload files and databases, and the hosting provider carries everything else. With shared hosting (shared), you do not have root access to the server as to VPS, and therefore you do not need to manage the server. However, there is a moment that happened when the shared hosting package is to tight; you need more space, more resources, and this is the best time to read this article before you choose the right decision regarding hosting.

Time to switch to VPS

VPS is the next step of hosting. VPS hosting is half-way between the shared and the dedicated hosting. It means that you will have all the benefits of a dedicated (physical) server, however, a virtual platform will be used. VPS hosting is good for websites or projects of significant complexity. Also, on VPS, you can always set up a specific configuration or use software that is not available on shared hosting. What is more, on VPS hosting you can even manage Windows, as Linux basically dominates shared hosting. So, here is what VPS hosting offers:

1. Separate resources for your project not shared with other users;

2. Simple or highly complex configuration adapted to your needs.

On VPS hosting you are provided with an entire virtual server. VPS hosting is more convenient for people who are experienced users and have enough general knowledge when it comes to server management. Two main types of VPS hosting are available today on the Internet: the managed VPS hosting and the unmanaged one. With either of these hosting types, your site will get enough bandwidth and security, just like it would if you used a dedicated server of a specialized provider.

What is the managed VPS hosting?

If the hosting provider manages the server, you have the managed hosting. Managed hosting means that the hosting provider takes care of everything. All the equipment, networks and services on the server are fully supported. Fully managed hosting is the best choice for beginners or business that is not ready to hire a server administrator, as you do not have to worry about anything. Your hosting provider will take care of all the settings, installation, troubleshooting, monitoring, and backup.

Please note that some fully managed hosting providers offer only VPS hosting with a control panel without full (root) access to your server. However, the provider may be able to enable full access for you if you want to have complete control over the server. Contact your hosting provider and ask for more information about this possibility. All managed hosting services have a 24/7 support service, which is very convenient for both beginners and experienced web developers.

What is the unmanaged VPS hosting?

If you need to take care of the server by yourself, it is known as the unmanaged VPS. In the case of unmanaged hosting, you are responsible for maintaining the server and monitoring its performance. If your server continues to fail and security problems accumulate, you as its administrator, have to solve these problems. However, the server configuration is entirely up to you, which means you can go for the most outstanding or unusual options if you choose so.

For easier server management, Hamster does recommend installing the VPS control panel, such as cPanel that can do almost anything for you. However, you need to know how the network works or how to ensure the security of the unmanaged VPS.

So, what is the difference between unmanaged and managed hosting?

Both types rely on the use of the same necessary equipment. The main differences are the cost and the support service. Unmanaged hosting is a significantly cheaper choice. It offers a vanilla OS and support services. In most cases, technical support is provided for your site, but only if you pay an extra fee. You, as the owner of the website, are responsible for the general server maintenance and resolving any security and bandwidth issues.

Of course, managed VPS hosting is a more convenient choice than unmanaged VPS; however, managed VPS packages cost much more. So in the end what you need to do is calculate which option is the best for you.

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