What is unmanaged VPS?

  1. All Hostens provided VPS servers: Linux VPS, Container VPS, Windows VPS, and Storage VPS are self-managed services. Every Customer is responsible for the following:

    1. The data that is stored and managed on VPS. Including but not limited to websites, mailboxes, and other data on the server;
    2. Service installation, configuration, and management(i.e. Apache, Exim, etc.);
    3. OS administration and updates.

    Hostens is responsible for the following:

    1. Initial Operating System installation;
    2. Server hardware;
    3. Server network equipment;
    4. Datacenter administration and maintenance.

    If needed, we can help to restore ‘root’ user access so that customer access to the server would be restored.

    If a customer lacks knowledge of Server administration, the customer undertakes to hire a competent system administrator for constant maintenance of the rented server, timely software updates, and security, or to do it independently.

    Additional help and tutorial can be found on our Community Forum: