How to log into a VPS from Windows computer using PuTTY?

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How to log into a VPS from Windows computer using PuTTY?

Introduction After you have active server with operating system installed on it, your next step is to make a secure...

Differences between KVM and OpenVZ

“Which virtualization is better, KVM or OpenVZ?” This question comes up often when a customer is looking into a Virtual...

Connecting to VPS

If using Mac: Open the Terminal application (Utilities); On the command line, enter the ssh command: User-Mac:~ User$ ssh IP_of_your_VPS -l...

What is inode limit?

Inode is a single file, which in the server. It can be any file on your server, including system files,...

Change reverse DNS (rDNS) / PTR / hostname

To change rDNS/PTR/hostname, please perform these steps: Login to the Clients Area; At the top menu select “My Services >...

Install/reinstall OS

Operating system installation steps: Login to the Clients area; Select at the top of menu the “My Services > VPS”...

Do you offer backups?

VPS We generate daily and weekly backups for our VPS packages for an additional 1 USD monthly fee. 1. For how...

SSHFS: installation and mounting

SSHFS (SSH Filesystem) is a filesystem client to mount and interact with directories and files located on a remote server...

Ordering cPanel/WHM or Plesk license

Managing VPS can be a difficult task, if you are a new or lack some knowledge, for this reason it’s...

SWAP memory allocation

SWAP memory is used to help RAM, once it can not store anymore data. The data which can not be...