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We generate daily and weekly backups for our KVM VPS packages for additional 1 USD monthly fee.

1. For how long VPS backups are stored?

We have backups for every day, except Sunday. Backups are stored up to 2 weeks.

2. Is there any difference between daily and weekly backup (except the time when they are performed)?


3. Do you provide full or incremental backup?

We backup full VM image as one file. Each new backup overwrites old one. It’s not incremental.

4. Can I restore backup copy manually?

We are managing backups and restoration process. Backup restoration service is paid (9.99 USD one time fee).

5. How can I perform VPS backup myself?

The best way to create your own backup solution is to order Storage Server and create CRON task to backup your data periodically.

Storage VPS

We do not offer any backups for our Storage VPS packages.

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