What is inode limit?


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What is inode limit?

Inode is a single file, which in the server. It can be any file on your server, including system files,...

Do you make backups for cPanel packages?

We generate daily and weekly backups for our Shared hosting and Reseller hosting packages by default and this service is...

How to start using Site Builder in cPanel

Hostens started offering a Website Builder. A simple drag-and-drop based tool to create a representative website or e-shop and go...

How to check website logs in the shared or reseller hosting packages

For troubleshooting purposes, sometimes you may need to check your website’s logs to get more information about why that problem...

How to check ModSecurity logs?

What is ModSecurity? ModSecurity is one of the most important cPanel security tool which helps you protect websites from many...

How to disable ModSecurity for the domain?

ModSecurity is a popular Open-source application firewall that helps protect your websites from various attacks.  So if ModSecurity is disabled...