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Domain Transfer to Hostens

Here in Hostens you can transfer your domain and manage it via our Clients Area. Domain transfer is a paid...
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Working with DNS manager

Hostens DNS Manager allows you to easily set up your domain from the Hostens client area. Setup DNS manager is...
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Hostens NS (DNS) servers

Our name servers are: ( ( If your domain is registered not with us, but you want to...
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DNS propagation

Most Internet Service providers (ISP) caches DNS records to increase browsing speed for their customers. Caching means that any changes...
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Domain Transfer from Hostens

In order for your domain to be transferred away, you will need domain authorization code (EPP Code), which can be...
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Domain WHOIS change

Any kind of domain information (WHOIS) change requires confirmation by email. This is a very important moment because if you...
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ClientHold status

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and organization that manages all the domain names with extensions like .com,...
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