How to start using Site Builder in cPanel

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How to start using Site Builder in cPanel

Hostens started offering a Website Builder. A simple drag-and-drop based tool to create a representative website or e-shop and go online within an hour. It doesn’t require technical or programming skills required. The website builder is free of charge, it can be used by Shared Hosting or Reseller Hosting owner.

The website builder can be accessed via cPanel:

Simply connect to your cPanel account and look for “SOFTWARE” section.


Once you have found it, just look for “Site Builder” icon and press it.


You will be forwarded to the page and will have to select a domain, which will be used for your website created with this website builder.

That is it. Once the domain is selected you will enter the starting menu of the builder, then you can start using your imagination to create a website.

You may check at some guides first before trying to get a better idea on how it works. You can find some visual guides here:

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