How to disable ModSecurity for the domain?

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How to disable ModSecurity for the domain?

ModSecurity is a popular Open-source application firewall that helps protect your websites from various attacks.  So if ModSecurity is disabled for the domain, the website will be at risk of vulnerabilities.

However, due to some reasons (e.g. troubleshooting), you might need to disable ModSecurity for your domain for some time.  Here is how you can do that.

Disable ModSecurity in cPanel

If you want to disable ModSecurity for the specific domain or all your domains, you need to login to your cPanel account and go to the section ‘Security’. Then click the icon ‘ModSecurity’.

Here you will see the option for disabling the ModSecurity for all your domains.

Also, you can disable the ModSecurity for a particular domain. So select the domain and click ‘Off‘ button to disable ModSecurity.

Note: We recommend to disable ModSecurity only while you troubleshoot a problem with your configuration. If ModSecurity is  disable for your domain, your domain will lose the extra layer of the protection that the ModSecurity module provides.

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