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Cloudlinux is one of the most popular OS options for VPS servers that are intended to be used for shared hosting providers. Hostens offers Cloudlinux template and the license so you can install it on your Linux VPS package.

The article explains how to order and activate the license. Keep in mind that Cloudlinux license is paid and costs 9.99 USD/month.

Ordering Cloudlinux license

  • Cloudlinux license can be ordered together with a new Linux VPS package, by simply marking the checkbox:


  • Cloudlinux license can be ordered for an existing Linux VPS server as well on the VPS dashboard menu:

Cloudlinux license activation

Cloudlinux OS can be installed with the OS template we have prepared (OS installation guide). Once the Cloudlinux is installed, connect to the server via SSH and enter the following command:

yum install rhn-setup --enablerepo=cloudlinux-base
/usr/sbin/clnreg_ks --force

You can check if your server is licensed with Cloudlinux here.

Note. Our Cloudlinux licenses only work on our servers, it can’t be used for the servers outside Hostens datacenter.

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