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To change rDNS/PTR/hostname, please perform these steps:

  1. Login to the Clients Area;
  2. At the top menu select “My Services > VPS” tab;
  3. Find desirable VPS and press the “Manage” button;

For main IP address:

  1. Press “Hostname” button;
  2. Enter desired domain/subdomain;
  3. Press “Continue”.

For additional IP addresses:

  1. Under “IP Address” near IP which hostname you want to change press “[PTR]”;
  2. Enter desired domain/subdomain;
  3. Press “Continue”.

Attention #1: Domain/subdomain must be pointed (redirected) to the server’s IP address. This can be done either at your domain registrar or with ours DNS manager. You should wait up to 24 hours after domain is pointed before changing hostname/rDNS/PTR.

Attention #2: After hostname/rDNS/PTR is changed to your domain/subdomain it will be not possible to change it back to default hostname/rDNS/PTR.

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