Ordering cPanel/WHM or Plesk license

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Ordering cPanel/WHM or Plesk license

Managing VPS can be a difficult task, if you are a new or lack some knowledge, for this reason it’s popular to use a GUI-based server control panel. Hostens can offer a few control panels, including Plesk Panel (10.99 USD/month) and cPanel/WHM (16.99 USD/month). The two server control panels are one of the most popular on the market, both have huge communities of users and there are many tutorial online, which can be helpful enough for anyone. Here is how you can order the Plesk or cPanel licenses on Hostens.

cPanel/WHM is supported on all of our VPS servers: Container VPS, Storage VPS, Linux VPS.
Plesk is only supported on our Linux VPS and Windows VPS.

Order license for new order

When you making a new order for VPS, you can select and order a Plesk or cPanel/WHM license together. Choose your server package and press “ORDER PLAN“.


On the next step you will be presented with your chosen package order and you will have to option to add additional services by checking the license you want for your VPS:


Simply check the license you want and press “Continue“, then finish the order and the checkout. The server is deployed within 10-15 minutes after your payment is received.

  1. If you ordered a cPanel/WHM license, your IP will become licensed after payment is received, then you will need to install cPanel and WHM on your server as shown here:

Getting started with cPanel/WHM | Hostens

2. If you ordered a Plesk license, you will found your license key on the VPS dashboard, just below the IP information, as showed in the following picture:


You will have to enter this license key during the Plesk set up. You will be able to use our prepared OS template that includes Plesk (Plesk template instruction is here ).

Order license for active VPS

If you already have the active VPS, you still can order a control panel license and add it to your VPS. Simply login to the ClientArea account ( ) and choose the right VPS, you need license for, on the left menu you will see an option to add cPanel/WHM or Plesk Panel license.


When you choose the license, new invoice will be generated. After the payment the license will be issued within a few minutes.

  1. If you ordered a cPanel/WHM license, your IP will become licensed and you can either reinstall your VPS with cPanel template from our list, or install the cPanel license manually on your existing VPS.
  2. If you ordered Plesk Panel license, your license will appear on the VPS dashboard (just a little below the IP information as in picture above this section). You can then reinstall the VPS with our prepared OS template or install the Plesk Panel manually.

Additional Information

Depending on which option is more suitable for your situation, you may find some of the additional information helpful:

  • Manual cPanel/WHM installation
  • Manual Plesk Panel installation
  • Hostens Plesk template instruction
  • cPanel/WHM verification for your IP here
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