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How to make your connections more secure

Safe file transfer is one of the main concerns when creating or using a website. While reading or sending e-mails and uploading data on your website, in most cases data is sent without any encryption. If someone wanted to take over the flow, all data could fall into the hands of that someone. Due to this security concern, it is always recommended to use SSL certificate for a website. It is especially important when hosting an e-commerce or basically any other website which has a signing in or payment option.

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4 basic tech skills necessary for everyone

Nowadays almost all job positions are related to technologies in some way. So being tech-savvy is no longer a unique quality; tech skills are necessary. Hamster is going to look at four basic skills that every modern company employee should have today.

Hostens Data Center

Hostens provides SSH keys: take a look how to install it

From now on, Hostens provides to its customers to install and use SSH Key. SSH Key offers a more secure way of logging into a virtual private server. Basically, its function is quite similar compared to commonly used passwords, but the keys are primarily used for automated processes and for implementing single sign-on by system administrators and power users.