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How are IP addresses tracked?

In the era with many 3rd party tools you can quickly check your IP address using one of those tools or other ones. No wonder public IP addresses are easily accessible information.

How does getting hacked affect your website?

For you, as a website owner, ensuring the security of your website has to be one of your top daily priorities. Some believe that only large online businesses and corporation websites are at risk of being hacked and/or infected.

Convert .vcf to .csv for Email Contacts

Once we export contacts from an address book, that data may turn out in .vcf or vCard format. When exporting data from the Hostens Webmail we get it in .vcf format as well.

In this article, you will find tips on how to convert the formats mentioned above to .csv, which is used globally and imported into many applications.


What is WHM (Web Host Manager)?

WHM (Web Host Manager) - Tool which is often used with VPS/Dedicated Servers. WHM allows administrating multiple cPanel accounts and provide with a lot of benefits icluding more security, easier migration and more.