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Hostens launched two brand new services

Hostens data center
May 23, 2017
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

Surprise surprise! Hostens is pleased to announce the implementation of two brand new services. Our experienced & skillful clients requested these new features, so here you go! From now on feel free to order:

By using the new KVM servers you will be able to:

  • Customize your Linux kernel settings
  • Run the Docker, ServerPilot, and so on
  • Configure the IPv6 tunneling

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Talking about storage servers, it’s a great choice for those who have to store a large amount of data (the minimum packages come with 1 TB of it).

The most common ways of using it are to store the backups, run the personal Nextcloud or Owncloud instances, use it for collaboration, and so on. Furthermore, you will be able to use and manage these servers the same as our standard servers but simultaneously enjoy the large-scale storage space.

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