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Let’s not be naive: unlimited hosting plans simply don’t exist

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May 3, 2017
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

Excuse us for saying that, but there is no such thing as an unlimited hosting plan. When you are looking for the web hosting plan, be aware that it still cannot technically be unlimited even if the marketing implies so. The buzzword unlimited is one of the most commonly used tricks within the industry, and such ploys are always chosen to attract new and less experienced clients. In the end of the day, selecting a hosting plan may seem like a really difficult task.

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Today Hostens talks about three essential aspects you should keep in mind when choosing the unlimited web hosting plan.


Marketers know that such words as free, new, unlimited very well are hardwired into our brains. Normally, when buying services everyone is in search for security. Moreover, as most people tend to seek for the best deals, the word unlimited is featured quickly and more engaging. However, although this word has enormous psychological appeal, it is not rocket science to understand that it is just a marketing trick.

Many hosting providers promise their customers to provide unlimited bandwidth usage, disk space, websites, domains, and so on. Nevertheless, as it is purely done for the marketing purposes, perks are not truly unlimited. Actually, the unlimited plan is not likely to be implemented neither from business, nor from technological side. So, we always recommend you to dig deeper and not lose your common sense.


As plenty of unlimited plans come with a catch, read the hidden conditions every time you sign up for a new service.

If you go through the fine print, you will easily (or sometimes not so!) find the conditions telling you that your unlimited plan is… well, limited. Usually, it means that you are free to use resources to the extent any average customer would. However, if you use up the resources this “unlimited” offer provides, it may result in additional fees or suspended service. For instance, if you have 8 terabytes (TB) of data, your hosting provider is completely certain that you are not going to use all of your allocated resources. But, as soon as this happens, the mysterious conditions are suddenly applied. So, if you are a heavy user of resources, you need to be sure before moving to an unlimited plan.

When it comes to shared hosting, your hosting provider is responsible for selling, allocating, and managing the sub-divided server space. So, as long as the provider believes that the majority of its clients will not probably use the maximum, it oversells hosting services. Finally, all of previously mentioned aspects not only raise ethical questions but also complicate the usage of the hosting service.


Besides, overselling not only may cause many issues for clients, but also might negatively affect hosting provider’s reputation. From time to time various providers are revealed as operating shady businesses. These scammers are called web hosting frauds and normally target less experienced users. As a matter of fact, unlimited plans, various free deals, and sometimes very low price are exactly the main warning signs of a web hosting fraud.

From the psychological perspective, an unlimited plan usually gives us a sense of security and comfort. But, at the same time, if we cannot see any limits or specific numbers to figure out how much data we have already used, it naturally leads to the lack of trust. In particular, this is typical for users who have already had a bad experience before.

Companies which “play” with their customers by hiding all conditions, sooner or later start to look untrustworthy. Unfortunately, as clients are not fully informed, in the end, all this turns against them. So, to sum it up, we recommend you to take enough time when choosing a web hosting provider.

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