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Top 5 trends for e-commerce site design to adopt in 2019

Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

There are lots of new web design trends that are gaining popularity in the E-commerce business in 2019. In this article, we will discuss the TOP 5 trends for you to implement on your E-commerce website. Forget about pale whitish colors, lots of information and browsing endless pages of products. Here are some tips on how to improve your E-commerce site for better client engagement.

1. Image Search

Image search in e-commerce websites
One of the newest trends in e-commerce websites is search by image. Instead of the usual search by text, the website providing image search helps the client to search for the product he wants just by uploading a picture.

This is a great option for e-shops with lots of products. You do not need to scroll down through all the available product listings and pages, just uploading a photo will prompt pictures of similar products. It’s also advantageous for reselling other brand’s products. It will help clients to find the desired products or similar ones easier and faster.

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2. UI Animations, Cinemagraphs, and gif

The old trend of videos in the site’s homepage background has passed! Including videos into the website makes it more interactive and lively. However, lots of high-quality videos require more storage space and the website becomes slower in order to stream the video.

The solution for the speed issue is the new trend for UI animations, cinemagraphs, and gifs. Including UI animations, cinemagraphs or gifs still makes the website livelier. Changing high-quality videos to UI animations, cinemagraphs and gifs makes the website more active. At the same time, it improves the speed of the website as there is no need to stream the video data.

3. Minimalism

Minimalism in e-commerce websites
Minimalism is not new, but it is still one of the most popular trends for websites. Lots of e-shops still are overcrowded with information, menus and messages. That kind of design forces the client to search for the wanted product or information for a longer period of time. As time is the most valuable asset to everyone, the best e-shop owner can do is to make the website as minimalistic as possible.

The average time a visitor spends checking the website out is about 53 seconds. This is the reason why owners of e-commerce websites need to remember that the goal of the website is for visitors to find the desired product as easily and as fast as possible. With minimalistic design all the client’s focus is on the products and not on the web itself.

4. Tiles for Galleries

Tiles for galleries in e-commerce websites
Galleries and products made into tiles make the website more suitable for responsive design. It also makes the website look more in order. Presenting information in blocks makes it easier to navigate and find the necessary information.

5. Bright, Vibrant Colors

Bright colors in e-commerce websites
Minimalistic websites are still popular and recommended, but pale and bland colors are going out of trend. Bright and vibrant colors are the number one design update for any website. They will make your website stand out and include attractive bright visuals to the whole site. If you like the bright colors, 2019 is the time to implement the updates for your site design.

Summing up, all the trends of website visuals are meant to make it simpler for your potential customers to find the necessary information faster and buy from you easier. Minimalism is still one of the basic trends in website design and it is highly recommended as it makes it much easier to make the website mobile friendly. Add some galleries in tiles with bright colors, several animations, and your website will be spot on.


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