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Signs that you need to upgrade your service plan

Hostens offers various service plans (shared, reseller hostings; VPS and VPN) with different resource usage limits. These plans can be upgraded when you see that it is time to do so: you will notice that your service plan resource usage limits are being exceeded, your hosted website is taking way too long to load, the traffic to your website is eating up your available bandwidth, etc.

What are WordPress themes

As a WordPress user, you have the possibility to customize your site the way you want to. Maybe you already have an idea of what your site should look like. However, this might not be easy if you don't have any design or coding knowledge needed to create a site.

What is SEO?

Everyone with a personal website or company page wants to be visible to potential customers on the Internet. However, it often happens that their page does not appear on top of the Google search engine results’ page. Question No. 1 is: what to do? Should you hire an SEO expert? How to improve page optimization?