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Hostens SysAdmin

Meet Anastasia: Real Girl In a Hosting World

Anastasia is the youngest sysadmin in the hosting company "Hostens". Only 24 years old, she has already firmly established herself in the world of hardware, logics, virtual machines and... rabbits. After the whole day of dealing with server administration, this at first sight fragile young lady spends most of her free time with her lovely rabbit named Zaika.


OpenVZ Update Is On

Some of you may know or have heard by now that OpenVZ 6 version is about to reach its “end of life”. It means that after this date, OpenVZ 6 version of virtualization will no longer be developed and supported.

FIFA 2018

How To Watch The 2018 FIFA World Cup From Anywhere You Want

Our support team has already prepared a plenty of easy-to-read tutorials on how to configure VPN service on various devices. But to make it short: you just need to purchase the VPN service, download as well as configure it and simply connect to your preferred country where the website allows steaming. Voilà! Get 50% OFF Hostens VPN service! Use promo code: FIFA2018