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What Platform To Choose for Blogging?

A blog is a great way to express your thoughts, create your company’s web presence, and present your content online. It may be difficult for a novice blogger to understand where to start. In this article, Hamster helps you choose the site for blogging and consider the pros and cons of the most popular free platforms.

How To Get Professional Email Address?

For a new brand or product, it is essential to maintain the uniqueness and exclusivity in a competitive business environment. Nowadays owning a domain that reflects your business name/product/project is not a luxury, but daily necessity for your business.

managed vs. unmanaged vps

Managed Or Unmanaged VPS?

You can see that your project is growing, and more and more visitors are coming to your webpage, e-shop, or project website. So, your next step is to think about the server resources that your project is on. Startups or project developers start from shared hosting as it is the cheapest and most convenient hosting type: you do not care for anything related to the server management.


Advantages Of Shared Server

Shared hosting means sharing server resources with other clients. Computing power, memory, and other resources will be evenly divided among users. This is the right solution for small sites and beginners who, for an affordable fee, get a secured system and a convenient site control panel.

Security Tips For Website

You may think that your website is not a target for hackers, but all websites are always at risk of hacking. Website security is one of the most neglected aspects of data security. All of us have repeatedly heard the word "hackers" and we are aware of the harm they can inflict on financial institutions, retailers, and other enterprises.