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What Is Inode In Web Hosting And Its Usage?

An inode (index node) is simply a data structure that describes a specific file or a reference on the file system and has the directory entry acting as its storage. Inodes direct to several blocks that comprise an archive and contains every administrative data that are needed for accessing a file.

SSL certificate

Get To Know Better Of Let’s Encrypt

Why are Let's Encrypt free SSLs so popular? First of all, obviously, because they are free of charge. This is one of the key points among all the benefits provided by the Let's Encrypt Certification Authority.
Second, issuing a certificate when it comes to Linux users is relatively simple. There is an automatic option for issuing a certificate, as well as a manual one. Each user selects the most convenient choice for himself. Averagely, issuing a certificate takes up to 15 minutes.

SSL Cetificate

Protected: Free vs Paid SSL Certificate

SSL is a very common feature for almost every website nowadays. It’s not mandatory in most cases, but it would be hard to imagine a website without it. Usually, a free certificate is an advantage for any shared hosting provider and it does its job – protects the data transmission between a visitor and a website or application. So why are there paid certificates as well? What is the difference between free and paid SSL?


What Is The Difference Between a Website And a Blog

The main difference between a blog and a website is the purpose of their creation. Blogs are commonly used to post content that is frequently changing while websites tend to be more static and are organized into different pages that should be dedicated to a specific purpose.