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What is WHM (Web Host Manager)?

August 5, 2021
Author: Hamster, www.hostens.com

WHM (Web Host Manager) is a tool that allows administering multiple cPanel accounts. It’s mainly used with reseller hosting or VPS/Dedicated servers. In this article, we will discuss this tool and its benefits in greater detail.

Benefits of using WHM (Web Host Manager):

  1. Allows easier management. It gives you an easier way to create, remove, or suspend accounts. Firstly, there are options to monitor website activity and customize users. Secondly, you can change the domain and usernames of clients’ accounts. Thirdly, manage all accounts in one dashboard. Moreover, you can configure and support customer requests via the cPanel.

  2. Provide more security. Option to create different users allows you to separate their websites. If a website has been hacked, it will not affect other users’ websites. The antivirus tool that comes together with WHM scans the website for viruses and secures its weaknesses.

  3. Reseller hosting tools. For reseller hosting, it provides an option to create reseller packages and assign them to the cPanel users according to their needs. It comes with such an essential option as SSL certificate management, allowing you to install an SSL certificate for the necessary domain.

  4. VPS servers. WHM comes with full “root” access for VPS servers that manages the whole server via one control panel. So you can manage the server without special knowledge of Linux.

  5. Migration. The Transfer Tool that comes with WHM. It allows transferring multiple accounts. From a remote server to your WHM and cPanel server quickly. Just a few steps.

  6. Branding. Brand and customize the service dashboard according to the customers’ needs. Customize styles, themes as well as notifications. You can even use your own logo. Also, you can use plugins that allow you to modify an interface’s features or functionality.

One of the vital cPanel & WHM features is the extensions:

CloudLinux. It is one of the most popular operating system options for VPS servers. It helps monitor resource usage. Also, it ensures that spikes in resource usage will not take down the whole server. Hostens offer a CloudLinux OS license for VPS servers.

ImmunifyAV.  It is an antivirus tool that helps to find suspicious website files and malware with one click. Also, this antivirus program periodically scans all Hostens Shared as well as Reseller hosting servers.

WHMCS. A web hosting management and billing platform. It perfectly meets all web hosting business needs. Moreover, it provides all the necessary tools for business management. 

Why do you need WHM?

  • Create, remove, suspend, and customize users;

  • Adjust/ create reseller packages;

  • Manage and monitor website activity;

  • Monitor server/hosting services and resources;

  • Configure your own customers’ support system through cPanel;

  • Change clients’ domain names and user names;

  • Install SSL certificate in a couple of steps;

  • Generate and restore backups;

  • Install CMS in a simple way (automatically).


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