How to connect to Reseller WHM?

How to connect to Reseller WHM?

Login via URL

You can find your login to WHM credentials in your Client Area.

After loging into your Client Area, go to “Services” -> “Reseller Hosting“, then press on your Reseller package you wish to login into. In the Menu section on the left, press on “Login Details” and you will see the login credentials to the Reseller package main cPanel account:

* Your login URL

* Your Username

* Your Password

In order to see the password, you will need to click on the link “Click here to show password“. These login details will be necessary to login to your cPanel from anywhere else than the Client Area.

These login credentials are used to login into WHM also. If you want to login to WHM directly, just change in the seen login URL the number from 2083 to 2087. Use the Username and Password of the main cPanel account.

Login via Client Area

You can also login to WHM via your Client Area. Go to “Services” -> “Reseller Hosting“, press on your package. In the left side Menu press the “Access Reseller WHM Panel“, then click on the button “Click here to open Reseller Panel“. You will be automatically connected to the WHM Panel.


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