CloudLinux Manager

CloudLinux Manager

What is the CloudLinux Manager?

Reseller hosting plans are based on servers running CloudLinux. It is OS Linux distribution oriented to shared hosting. It allows to isolate each server user and allocate server resources. This helps to create a flexible environment that is tailored to the needs of each user. To accomplish this, CloudLinux uses LVE (lightweight virtualized environment) technology.

CloudLinux manager is a cPanel plugin, which allows you to control and monitor your server’s LVE limits and set individual limits per packages or users. You have a total resource limit for your Reseller package according to the plan you own. However, some hosted sites or users may use more resources, while others may require less. In such cases, you can call the CloudLinux manager for help.

Note: You can set LVE limits immediately when creating a new package.

If you do not know the LVE limits for your plan, you can contact our support team. They will be happy to answer your questions!

How to access CloudLinux Manager?

In the WHM search, enter CloudLinux and select the feature menu on the left.

CloudLinux Manager features

Current Usage

In this section, you will see the current usage of server resources. You can adjust how often CloudLinux Manager will refresh the page.

After clicking the Edit icon on the right side of the table, the new window will pop up. In that window, you will set individual limits for a specific user or reset them to the default.

Note: Although the value is not limited, and you can specify any number for each parameter, the resources cannot be greater than the total resources allocated to your plan.

Historical Usage

In this section, you can view a schedule for the use of each resource at a selected timeframe.

Just below you will see statistics on the use of limits in the graphs.

And below the graphs, you’ll see a table of the 5 users who use the most resources.

You will be able to click on the clock icon to the right of the table and a new window will open showing the graphs for that particular user.


In this section, you will view all users, change their limits, and view individual schedules.


In this section, you can track statistics on the use of specific resources. This is useful when you notice that a particular resource (such as EP) is being actively used on the server, and you want to determine which user is using that resource the most. There is an option to filter the user by resource usage.


Here you can choose whether you or your users will be informed when the limits are exceeded.

At the same time, you can include specific parameters for which excesses will be recorded.

Also, set your own limits for notifications.


Here you can edit the limits for the packages you have created on your server.


Because Reseller hosting plans have limited resources, CloudLinux Manager is a valuable tool for monitoring and allocating them correctly. It is wise to use the tool and provide more resources to more demanding sites or users, as less demanding subjects do not take full advantage of them.

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