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Clear your Cloudflare cache

If you’re using a Cloudflare to speed up your site, and website changes are not shown, try to clear its cache.

There is one primary way how to do clear the cache with Cloudflare.

1. Firstly, log in to your Cloudflare account and head to Caching –> Configuration.
2. There, you will see two options:

⦁ to clear all the cache in your website – Purge Everything;
⦁ to remove the specific web page cache – Custom Purge.

3. If you have chosen the second option, you will need to insert the URL of your website page where you want to purge the cache.
4. Then click on Purge.
5. If you want to purge all the cache in your site, click on Purge Everything and then confirm that by clicking again on Purge Everything.

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