How to create an email in cPanel?

How to create an email in cPanel?

If you want to create new email in cPanel, please do the steps below:

1. Login into cPanel. See how to do it here.

2. In the “Email” section, press on “Email Accounts“.

Email Accounts

3. Fill in the required fields:

  • Email – create a name for your email box, for example, [email protected];
  • Domain – select the domain, you wish to create an email for;
  • Password – type the password for the email. Also, you can generate random password by pressing “Generate“;
  • Password(Again) – type the same password again.
  • Mailbox Quota – you can set a storage quota for your email box or check “Unlimited“.
  • Optional selection of “Send welcome email with mail client configuration instructions“.

Email Accounts

After filling everything in, press “Create Account” button. Your email box will be created.

Accessing cPanel webmail

You can access your webmail via cPanel. Go to “Email” section and press on “Email Accounts“. Then find the section “Default Email Account” and press on the link “Access Webmail“.

Email Accounts

You will be forwarded to next page, where you should press on your hostname (for example, or press on “Go to Secure Webmail Login“.

Email Accounts

Here you should enter your email account name and password.

Email Accounts

Hostens webmail

You can also always login into Hostens webmail here:

Configuring an email client

If you do not want to use webmail, you can configure your email as an email client. Configuration tutorials can be found in our knowledgebase here.

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