How to use Track Delivery feature in cPanel?

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How to use Track Delivery feature in cPanel?

cPanel feature Track Delivery allows users to keep track of their outgoing and incoming emails. So this is a helpful tool to use whenever you are experiencing issues with email delivery from your account.

Where to find this tool?

1. Firstly, you need to login into your cPanel account;
2. Navigate to the Email section and select the icon Track delivery.

If you want to see the delivery report of a specific email address in the last 30 days, you need to enter the email address and click on Run Report.
Also, you can leave the text box empty and choose the option Show All to list delivery details for all outgoing email communication from your account. Or, chose another option, Show Blocked & Failed to list all blocked and failed outgoing emails.

Types of filter in Email Track

1. Shows Success:
This option lits all the emails that are successfully delivered to the recipient.
2. Shows Deferred:
This option shows all emails with a warning, which are the deferred system emails.
3. Show Failures:
It shows all emails that are not delivered to the recipient. Also, it will list any other errors during transmissions of emails.
4. Show in-Progress:
This option will show all emails that are currently transmitting.

More information than displayed by default can be found by clicking on the small menu icon on the right. There you can choose one or more options from the drop-down list.

More information about Track Delivery tool can be found in the official cPanel documentation.

Delivery Report explanation of fields:

1) Event – This column shows the icon of success, failure or deferred emails;
2) From Address – It shows email sender;
3) Sent Time – It shows the date and time when an email was sent;
4) Spam Score – It shows Apache SpamAssassin spam score;
5) Recipient – It privides the recipient email address;
6) Result – It shows the error encountered by the system while sending the email. Basically, this describes the delivery results;
7) Action – This option provides a report of more details of the sent email.

This article should provide important details regarding the functionality of cPanel tool – Track Delivery.
This tool works quite simple; however, you should know the essential information of this tool that you could use it to your advantage and check email delivery from your account.

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